Volume XV 1962

No. 1 January 3

Lead Article: The Relevance Of Philosophy
Letter From America
Review: "An Essay In Values"
Commentary: To Start The New Year
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: "No Human Sound"

No. 2 January 10

Lead Article: The Dynamics Of Freedom
Review: "Hidden Channels Of The Mind"
Commentary: A Sign Of Health
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: The Organization Of Thought

No. 3 January 17

Lead Article: Education For Tomorrow
Review: Zen In Western Literature
Commentary: Grounds For Optimism
Children...And Ourselves: "Self-Regulation" For Children
Frontiers: Positive Philosophy In Psychotherapy

No. 4 January 24

Lead Article: The Old Power And The New Alchemy
Letter From Prague
Review: The Lesson Of The Master
Commentary: The Role Of The Press
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Erich Fromm Speaks Out

No. 5 January 31

Lead Article: Where Wealth Accumulates
Review: "On Becoming A Person"
Commentary: People As Subjects
Children...And Ourselves: The Telepathic Child
Frontiers: The Meaning Of The World

No. 6 February 7

Lead Article: Full Turn Toward Peace
Review: World Opinion On Reincarnation
Commentary: Turn Toward Peace
Children...And Ourselves: More On Telepathy
Frontiers: The Root Of Freedom

No. 7 February 14

Lead Article: Ready Or Not
Review: An Unusual Movie And A Good-Try Book
Commentary: What Do People Learn From?
Children...And Ourselves: Acts For Peace
Frontiers: Another Conversation

No. 8 February 21

Lead Article: What Can Be Done With Words?
Letter From France
Review: To Abolish Execution
Commentary: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Children...And Ourselves: A Diet For The Twenty-First
Frontiers: Interview On The Press

No. 9 February 28

Lead Article: The Problem Of Framing Issues
Letter From India
Review: William O. Douglas' "Wilderness"
Commentary: Gandhi's Look Ahead
Children...And Ourselves: Notes And Correspondence
Frontiers: Link After Link

No. 10 March 7

Lead Article: The History Of Ideas
Review: "Hanged In Error"
Commentary: The New Morality
Children...And Ourselves: Comic Strip Count-Down
Frontiers: It's Not All Nonsense

No. 11 March 14

Lead Article: Working For Peace
Review: "Loneliness As Profound Experience"
Commentary: Students In Washington
Children...And Ourselves: Still Discovering The Child
Frontiers: The Pied Piper Principle

No. 12 March 21

Lead Article: A Pre-Political Program
Review: Yugen On Stage
Commentary: Some Turns Toward Peace
Children...And Ourselves: For Parents Of The College-
Frontiers: "New Knowledge In Human Values"

No. 13 March 28

Lead Article: Ideas And Action
Letter From England
Review: Discussion Of "Self-Actualization"
Commentary: The Image Of Man
Children...And Ourselves: The Vanishing Adolescent
Frontiers: Religion And The "Good"

No. 14 April 4

Lead Article: Creeping Ethics
Review: Alienation – And Side Effects
Commentary: Currents And Cross-Currents
Children...And Ourselves: The Green Revolution
Frontiers: What Is Psychology?

No. 15 April 11

Lead Article: Consciousness And Meaning
Review: Alias Orpheus
Commentary: The New Spirit
Children...And Ourselves: The Individual Youth And
Frontiers: Psychological Ecology

No. 16 April 18

Lead Article: Frameworks Of Identity
Review: Odyssey By Bus – Ordeal By Flame
Commentary: The Great Questions
Children...And Ourselves: The Individual Youth And
Frontiers: Beeville – New Zealand Community

No. 17 April 25

Lead Article: The Lessons Of Pathology
Review: "Beyond The Reach Of Sense"
Commentary: Recent Acquisitions
Children...And Ourselves: Discussion On Non-Meat Diets
Frontiers: The Promise Of World Law

No. 18 May 2

Lead Article: The Meanings Of Words
Review: Significant Puzzles
Commentary: New Morals For Old
Children...And Ourselves: Non-Political Youths Abroad
Frontiers: What Does Vinoba Preach?

No. 19 May 9

Lead Article: The Diagnostic Frame Of Mind
Review: "The Masks Of God" – Volume II
Commentary: To Whom It May Concern
Children...And Ourselves: Education Transcending
Frontiers: The Rebirth Of Ancient Science

No. 20 May 16

Lead Article: What Is Materialism?
Review: The Parable Of Execution
Commentary: Hiroshima Peace Pilgrims
Children...And Ourselves: Hannah Arendt On Education
Frontiers: Geneva Journey

No. 21 May 25

Lead Article: The Reconstruction Of Reality
Review: Enigmas In Russian Culture
Commentary: When Publishers Get Together
Children...And Ourselves: Difficulties Of Affirmation
Frontiers: Faith's Surmise

No. 22 May 30

Lead Article: Problems Of Righteousness
Letter From Africa
Review: The Flavor Of Africa
Commentary: Some Dropped Stitches
Children...And Ourselves: Notes
Frontiers: American Disenchantment

No. 23 June 6

Lead Article: The Importance Of Self-Knowledge
Review: Changes In The Peace Movement
Commentary: Issues Of Peace Making
Children...And Ourselves: Conversations With Children
Frontiers: Comment On The Goa Affair

No. 24 June 13

Lead Article: To Fill The Void
Review: Capital Punishment & Nuclear Fission
Commentary: The "Decision-Makers" – Again
Children...And Ourselves: Genealogy Of The "Beats"
Frontiers: Unclassified

No. 25 June 20

Lead Article: Are Ideas Effective
Review: Philosophical Politics
Commentary: The Idea Of The Self
Children...And Ourselves: Ritual And Natural Religion
Frontiers: Principle Of Survival

No. 26 June 27

Lead Article: The Clarity Of The Specialists
Review: "The Fox And The Camellias"
Commentary: In Pursuit Of "Maturity"
Children...And Ourselves: The Goals Of Education
Frontiers: Education For Change

No. 27 July 4

Lead Article: Man And Society
Letter From Africa
Review: "Does Deterrence Deter?"
Commentary: The Nature Of Man
Children...And Ourselves: High School Readings – And
English Teaching
Frontiers: Get Well Cards

No. 28 July 11

Lead Article: The Struggle Against Prematurity
Review: "Articles Of Dissent"
Commentary: Education In Limbo
Children...And Ourselves: High School Reading And
English Teaching
Frontiers: A Voice Of Europe In America

No. 29 July 18

Lead Article: The Image Of The Hero
Letter From Africa
Review: Philosophical Respect For Religion
Commentary: Decline Of "Species" Thinking
Children...And Ourselves: Socratic Experiment – Seventh
Frontiers: Things Going On

No. 30 July 25

Lead Article: History And The Individual
Letter From Africa
Review: "The Cuckoo's Nest"
Commentary: Religion And The Schools
Children...And Ourselves: A Courageous Valedictory
Frontiers: Notes On Religion

No. 31 August 1

Lead Article: War And The Social Sciences
Review: Of Incredible Memory
Commentary: An Existentialist Writer
Children...And Ourselves: Depth Psychology And
Frontiers: "Anthology Of Zen"

No. 32 August 8

Lead Article: The Pressure Gauge
Review: Toynbee And Television
Commentary: New Beginnings
Children...And Ourselves: Autonomous Motivation
Frontiers: Toward A Humane Society

No. 33 August 15

Lead Article: Gandhi's View Of Man And History
Review: The Processed Man
Commentary: Nietzsche On Peace
Children...And Ourselves: Reverence In The Classroom
Frontiers: Ingredients Of Peace

No. 34 August 22

Lead Article: The Human Condition
Review: "The Shark And The Sardines"
Commentary: The Nature Of Man
Children...And Ourselves: Music Therapy Project
Frontiers: Gandhi's View Of Man And History

No. 35 August 29

Lead Article: Science And Politics
Letter From Africa
Review: Quotes From Novels
Commentary: All The Way
Children...And Ourselves: Listening And Learning
Frontiers: Gandhi's View Of Man And History

No. 36 September 5

Lead Article: State Of The Nation
Review: "Way Out" – Some Reasons Why
Commentary: Books On Gandhi
Children...And Ourselves: Correspondence And Notes
Frontiers: Gandhi's View Of Man And History

No. 37 September 12

Lead Article: Henry David Thoreau
Letter From Africa
Review: Where Are You, Diogenes?
Commentary: Miller's Say
Children...And Ourselves: New Directions On The Campus
Frontiers: The Celestial Summit

No. 38 September 19

Lead Article: Letter From India
Review: Feeding The Hungry
Commentary: The Circumstances Of Revolution
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: The Good Old Fuzz

No. 39 September 26

Lead Article: Issues Of Communication
Review: Traveling Philosopher
Commentary: What Is Sovereign?
Children...And Ourselves: Radicals On The Campus
Frontiers: Of Eggs And Things

No. 40 October 3

Lead Article: Questions About Ends
Review: Concerning Comfort Quotients
Commentary: What Else Can They Do?
Children...And Ourselves: Correspondence And Notes
Frontiers: Action For Peace

No. 41 October 10

Lead Article: What Is Knowledge?
Review: A Warden On Capital Punishment
Commentary: "The Illusion Of Full Knowledge"
Children...And Ourselves: Education For Privacy
Frontiers: Walt Whitman

No. 42 October 17

Lead Article: Tolstoy On Art
Review: "The Seeker"
Commentary: Gandhian Economics
Children...And Ourselves: The Issue About Issues
Frontiers: The Foundations Of Trusteeship

No. 43 October 24

Lead Article: The Private Origins Of The Good
Review: "The Moviegoer"
Commentary: A Question Of Demand
Children...And Ourselves: Notes And Quotes
Frontiers: Voices Of Conscience

No. 44 October 31

Lead Article: Rendered Unto Caesar
Review: "Mother Night"
Commentary: What Happens At Synanon
Children...And Ourselves: The Peace Movement And
Frontiers: A Study In Heroism

No. 45 November 7

Lead Article: Utopian Considerations
Review: Painful Odyssey
Commentary: A Final Certainty
Children...And Ourselves: Youth Then And Now
Frontiers: Old Question, New Discussion

No. 46 November 14

Lead Article: Synanon – Its Best May Come Last
Review: The Ironist As Convert
Commentary: Paths To Maturity
Children...And Ourselves: International Education For
Frontiers: "Community Of Fear"

No. 47 November 21

Lead Article: The Utopian Basis Of Peace
Review: Leisurely Journey
Commentary: "The Hidden Remnant"
Children...And Ourselves: "Stark Realism" And
Frontiers: What Can We Make Of Confusion?

No. 48 November 28

Lead Article: The Irrelevance Of The Cold War
Review: "Christ And Freud"
Commentary: The Role Of The Remnant
Children...And Ourselves: Loyalty – To What?
Frontiers: Factors Of Survival

No. 49 December 5

Lead Article: The Religious Question
Review: "Silent Spring"
Commentary: The Practice Of Free Religion
Children...And Ourselves: Teachers In Trouble
Frontiers: Epistemology – But Don't Go To Sleep

No. 50 December 12

Lead Article: The Control Of National Policy
Review: Another "Book For Our Time"
Commentary: A Refreshing Breeze Of Sanity
Children...And Ourselves: New Schooling Opportunities
Frontiers: The Egocentric Predicament

No. 51 December 19

Lead Article: Politics, Religion, And The Agnostic Spirit
Review: "More Lives Than One"
Commentary: What Is Missing?
Children...And Ourselves: Towards Regeneration In
Frontiers: Ethics – La Mode

No. 52 December 26

Lead Article: The Age Of Dilemmas
Review: Wisdom And The Bomb
Commentary: The Meaning Of "Human"
Children...And Ourselves: The Off-Beat Student
Frontiers: Miscellany