The MANAS Index was originally reproduced from a typewritten version, created privately after publication of MANAS ceased. The source was the card file index maintained for the editor throughout the 41 years of the journal's publication.

The Index contains an alphabetized list of authors and a sub-list of each edition they were published or quoted within. It also alphabetizes all MANAS essays and lists the respective edition. It is specifically handy if you would like to access a complete list of the published items of a certain author. Overall, it is valuable as a way of gaining a sense of the immense work that went into the creation of MANAS.

Link directly to the browseable Online Index here: 

The original version is available to download as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file:

*NOTE: Be aware that the Complete Downloadable PDF Index is a very large file and may take a significant amount of time to load.