Volume XIX 1966

No. 1 January 5

Lead Article: The Lonely Free
Review: Christ And Anti-Christ
Commentary: Basic Responsibility – In Birth
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Behavioral
Frontiers: Unfinished Diagnosis

No. 2 January 12

Lead Article: Time To Think
Review: The Tasks Of Intellectuals
Commentary: On Civil Disobedience
Children...And Ourselves: Education For Peace
Frontiers: Dissent In The Community Of Scholars

No. 3 January 19

Lead Article: Dialogical Misfires
Review: "The Search For Authenticity"
Commentary: The Educational Society
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And State – Fresh
Frontiers: Anti-War Poems

No. 4 January 26

Lead Article: What Is A "Reasonable" Protest?
Review: Too Much With It
Commentary: Affirmative "Negativism"
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And State –
Synthesizing Perspectives
Frontiers: Dimensions Of "Existential Psychology"

No. 5 February 2

Lead Article: A New Kind Of Rationalization
Review: "The Christian Agnostic"
Commentary: Dilemma Resolved
Children...And Ourselves: What Is A Good Child?
Frontiers: ". . . With A Good Deal Of Pride"

No. 6 February 9

Lead Article: Politics For Non-Heroes
Review: "This Life We Take"
Commentary: The Nature Of Scientific Inquiry
Children...And Ourselves: Prejudice And Authority
Frontiers: Doctrines Of Change

No. 7 February 16

Lead Article: The Language Of The Inner Life
Review: "Existential Psychology"
Commentary: The Question Of Environment
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And The University
Frontiers: An Epic Life

No. 8 February 23

Lead Article: Social "Mysteries"
Review: God And Plenty
Commentary: A Poet's Testimony
Children...And Ourselves: "Consitutional" Religion
Frontiers: Art, Man, Machines And Etc.

No. 9 March 2

Lead Article: From History To Metaphysics
Review: "Abundance For What?"
Commentary: Markets For Mississippi Workers
Children...And Ourselves: Education For Commitment
Frontiers: An Ominous Frontier?

No. 10 March 9

Lead Article: The Root Ideas
Review: "Human Ecology"
Commentary: Puzzles Of Human Nature
Children...And Ourselves: Nature And Natural Religion
Frontiers: "The Way Things Are"

No. 11 March 16

Lead Article: A Measure Of Progress
Review: On Visual Knowing
Commentary: Pico Della Mirandola
Children...And Ourselves: On Teaching Ethics
Frontiers: Protests Of Various Kinds

No. 12 March 23

Lead Article: One Kind Of Commitment
Review: Economics For The Millions
Commentary: They Walked To Moscow
Frontiers: The Threat – And Promise – Of Change

No. 13 March 30

Lead Article: Repression And Industrial Dialectics
Review: Defining The City's Needs
Commentary: What Must We Renew?
Children...And Ourselves: Can There Be Free High
Frontiers: "Speak Truth To Powert"

No. 14 April 6

Lead Article: The Quest For Para-Religion
Review: Uncomfortable Asides On Vietnam
Commentary: Timeless Dimensions
Children...And Ourselves: Can There Be Free High
Frontiers: Repression And Industrial Dialectics

No. 15 April 13

Lead Article: Images And Iconoclasts
Review: "The Anarchists"
Commentary: Philosophy And Conduct
Children...And Ourselves: What Ever Became Of
Progressive Education?
Frontiers: The Uses Of Symbols

No. 16 April 20

Lead Article: The Politics Of Vision
Review: Packaged "Enlightenment"
Commentary: Beware The Politics Of Confusion
Children...And Ourselves: Friends World College –
Frontiers: "Seeds Of Liberation"

No. 17 April 27

Lead Article: Spiritual Values In A Scientific Age
Review: Friends From The North
Commentary: On "Teaching" Philosophy
Children...And Ourselves: Summerhill – Outpost Of
Frontiers: Toward A Vocabulary Of Being

No. 18 May 4

Lead Article: A Good Human Life
Review: Youthful "Outsiders"
Commentary: Bridging Structures
Children...And Ourselves: The New Puritanism
Frontiers: The Choice

No. 19 May 11

Lead Article: Over The Old Bridge
Review: More Canadian Paperbacks
Commentary: Blocked Communication
Children...And Ourselves: The Needs Of Delinquent
Frontiers: The Anti-Clerical Clerics

No. 20 May 18

Lead Article: Religion And The Dream Of Reality
Review: Naming The Revolution
Commentary: The Strength Of Socrates
Children...And Ourselves: African Tales
Frontiers: Fuller – More With Less

No. 21 May 25

Lead Article: Humanistic Psychology For Education
Review: Philosophy For The Mature
Commentary: "The Administrator"
Frontiers: Revival Of Religion?

No. 22 June 1

Lead Article: Can Freedom Be Planned?
Review: The Frog In The Well
Commentary: No "Death Of God"
Children...And Ourselves: An [Un]Religious Education

No. 23 June 8

Lead Article: Institutions And Human Equilibrium
Review: The Height Of The Times
Commentary: More Than A Children's Crusade
Children...And Ourselves: In Behalf Of Fantasy
Frontiers: Civil Disobedience And Nuremberg Law

No. 24 June 15

Lead Article: The Voice Of A Man
Review: The Challenge Of The Present
Commentary: Beyond The Norms
Children...And Ourselves: Beyond Insight And Anecdote
Frontiers: Modeling For Social Good

No. 25 June 22

Lead Article: Peaks And Facades
Review: Gandhi On Non-Violence
Commentary: Autonomy And Responsibility
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: More On Revival Of Religion

No. 26 June 29

Lead Article: Access For Peace-Makers
Review: The Power Of Attitudes
Commentary: Student Scapegoats?
Children...And Ourselves: Who's Cheating Whom?
Frontiers: The "Luddite" Protest

No. 27 July 6

Lead Article: The Anatomy Of Understanding
Review: A Nation's Riches
Commentary: Boycott For Cause
Children...And Ourselves: Dropouts Anonymous
Frontiers: Constructive Work In India

No. 28 July 13

Lead Article: Religion Without Priests
Review: A Magnificent Anachronism
Commentary: Two Ways To Help
Children...And Ourselves: Education: Liberation And
Frontiers: The Evolution Of Synanon

No. 29 July 20

Lead Article: Changing Ideas Of "Reality"
Review: The Agony Of The Races
Commentary: The "B" Language
Children...And Ourselves: Education: Liberation And
Frontiers: The Students Agree

No. 30 July 27

Lead Article: After Ideologies
Review: A Psychology For Free Men
Commentary: Natural Paradise – Social Hell-Hole
Children...And Ourselves: Adults Look At The Young
Frontiers: A Plea For Delta Refugees

No. 31 August 3

Lead Article: Does Education Require "Administrators"?
Review: Strange Fruits Of War
Commentary: Awareness Of Ends
Children...And Ourselves: To Read Or Not To Read?
Frontiers: A Knock On The Door

No. 32 August 10

Lead Article: The Spaces Of Freedom
Review: The Noble Insecurity
Commentary: Diagnosis, Followed By . . .
Children...And Ourselves: Toward An Un-Managerial
Frontiers: Teilhard's "Noosphere"

No. 33 August 17

Lead Article: Gandhi's Roots
Review: A Sordid Boon
Commentary: The Educational Goal
Children...And Ourselves: Unorthodox Administrators
Frontiers: A Sample Of Linguistic Philosophy

No. 34 August 24

Lead Article: A Herald Of Change
Letter From Eastern Europe
Review: Journal Entry
Commentary: The Optics Of Tomorrow
Children...And Ourselves: Thinking About A Coleege
Frontiers: A Ramble On Education

No. 35 August 31

Lead Article: Concerning A Dialogue
Review: Holism In Medical Theory
Commentary: Thich Nhat Hanh
Children...And Ourselves: Book Notes
Frontiers: To Be Or Not To Be

No. 36 September 7

Lead Article: Reflections On Experimental Teaching
Review: In Praise Of Socrates
Commentary: Socratic Method
Children...And Ourselves: Mental Health Program
Frontiers: Progress Report On The "Thaw"

No. 37 September 14

Lead Article: The Method Or The Plan?
Review: The Student Movement
Commentary: Moody Questions
Children...And Ourselves: The Living World
Frontiers: The Humanist Renaissance

No. 38 September 21

Lead Article: The Search For A "Limit"
Review: Germany – East And West
Commentary: To Correct Rigidity
Children...And Ourselves: The Rigid Child
Frontiers: The Psychology Of Social Morality

No. 39 September 28

Lead Article: Industrial Society
Review: An "Imagined" Reality
Commentary: An Unusual Economist
Children...And Ourselves: Where Do You Go?

No. 40 October 5

Lead Article: Toward Unbribable Man
Review: Maps For Psychotherapy?
Commentary: When Abstractions Threaten
Children...And Ourselves: Unchanging Kernels Of Truth
Frontiers: The Evil Far And Near

No. 41 October 12

Lead Article: Moral And Religious Ideals In Education
Review: Some Unmuffled Truths
Commentary: The Tasks Of Education
Children...And Ourselves: Return Of The
Frontiers: Unharming Affirmation

No. 42 October 19

Lead Article: Affirmations, Questions, Denials
Review: Toward Humanistic Philosophy
Commentary: Voices In The Wilderness
Children...And Ourselves: Children And The Arts
Frontiers: The Inner Emigration

No. 43 October 26

Lead Article: A Crucial Distinction
Review: Delights And Frustrations
Commentary: Misplaced Perfectionism
Children...And Ourselves: Campus Report
Frontiers: Behind "Pen-Pals For Prisoners"

No. 44 November 2

Lead Article: The Quest For Wholeness
Review: A Northern Light
Commentary: Sociological Journals Please Copy
Children...And Ourselves: What Can We Say To The
Frontiers: Peace By Displacement Of War

No. 45 November 9

Lead Article: Vietnam: Views Of The Future
Review: The Power Of A Mind
Commentary: A Life Worth Living
Children...And Ourselves: Beyond Finite Significance
Frontiers: The Problem Of Identifying

No. 46 November 16

Lead Article: The Case Against The Drug Culture
Review: The Abolition Of War
Commentary: Openings And Births
Children...And Ourselves: Old Myths For New

No. 47 November 23

Lead Article: A Stubborn Breed
Review: The Long Way Home
Commentary: One Step At A Time
Children...And Ourselves: In A Free Society
Frontiers: The "Service" Society

No. 48 November 30

Lead Article: The Races Of Man
Review: Some Magazines
Commentary: A Heroic Assignment
Children...And Ourselves: What Is The Child?
Frontiers: The Air Gets A Conscience

No. 49 December 7

Lead Article: The Religion Of The Spirit
Review: Sedge Is For Sedgians
Commentary: "To Recover Primordial Joy"
Children...And Ourselves: A Total Teacher
Frontiers: The Artist And Aesthetics

No. 50 December 14

Lead Article: The Freedom Of The Aggrieved
Review: A Wonderful Infection
Commentary: The Space Of Freedom
Children...And Ourselves: A Fourth Of A Nation
Frontiers: Secret Agent Etiquette

No. 51 December 21

Lead Article: Community And Conformity
Review: Random Thoughts On Words
Commentary: The Season's Tidings
Children...And Ourselves: Art And The Child
Frontiers: Beyond Tolerance

No. 52 December 28

Lead Article: A Germinal Solution
Review: Kinds Of Knowing
Commentary: 1967 Appointment Book
Children...And Ourselves: Teachers At Work
Frontiers: The Substance Of Freedom