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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME II, NO. 21 MAY 25, 1949 GREAT REFORMERS: LEO TOLSTOY WHILE other nineteenth-century figur ... es fade into pale images of history, Leo Tolstoy seems to become more contemporary with eac ... his wife, who did her best, did not happen to be a Leo Tolstoy. Her almost incessant pregnancies are enou ... to do. The famous man of property and title, Count Tolstoy, adopted the faith of a possessionless seeker after ... oy had discovered a work which could engage the whole of his nature. In 1882, seven years after his painf ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 2 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... SA A Not-for-Profit Endeavor ISBN 1-928614-01-9 TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX TO MANAS ON CD-ROM—Volume 2 SECTI ... ildren, "Notes on the Arts" Editorial—We judge people only partially, by calling them "fascist," "red"—th ... Mar. 18, 1947 issue, "Gandhi's Debt to Ruskin and Tolstoy," by David Graham, in Frontiers, "Seeds. . . Flying ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XLI, NO. 8 FEBRUARY 24, 1988 WE CAN DRAW NEARER POETRY is oracular. The sources of its tr ... composed his Comedy, he said, to bring the miserable out of their wretchedness. Beethoven declared that ... its inevitable bureaucracy of fawning yes-men, while obvious to all but autocratic or servile eyes, may ... lstoy's work we take from Isaiah Berlin's essay on Tolstoy, The Hedgehog and the Fox: There is a line among th ... ected, if at all, only in some de facto way. . . . Tolstoy, Berlin thinks, "was by nature a fox, but believed ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXI, NO. 20 MAY 15, 1968 THE FAILURE OF THE SPECIALISTS SPECIALISTS—especially confident ... ruth in packaging, truth in lending, bans on the sale of toxic toys, requirement of warning labels on haz ... pointed out that about 85 per cent of the beef cattle of the nation were being fed an additive called die ... true in Russia of the late nineteenth century. But Tolstoy, unlike most modern critics, did something. He star ... Rousseau, the process of education was still a subtle one of molding a child to a conception of what the ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXII, NO. 25 JUNE 20, 1979 TOLSTOY'S THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE "Leo is still working, as he ca ... twentieth century, help to reduce to ruins the temple of "objective knowledge" was hardly recognized by h ... ges us to fall back on Lafcadio Hearn's defense of Tolstoy, in his critical essay on What Is Art?, the book th ... aries: BEFORE we proceed to take the Confession of Leo Tolstoy seriously, there is reason to notice what ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XX, NO. 2 JANUARY 11,1967 THE CRISIS OF CIVILIZATION [This is the title used by Ralph V. ... tol University, for his translation of an essay by Leo Tolstoy, written in 1908—"On the Annexation of Bos ... e, had become a blasphemy. Actually, he speaks little of war here. Tolstoy is concerned with and addresse ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XIII, NO. 12 MARCH 23, 1960 THE RELIGIOUS QUESTION THE religious spirit has not died out ... ch inner life and intuitive allegiance to a principle of meaning in the universe. Perhaps the limitation ... discovery of meanings by individuals. And very little organization is needed for this. It is both possibl ... his religious thinking from the rest of his life; Tolstoy, for one, made no such separation; but if the appea ... g the gamut of possible activities, from pole to pole of this dual reality, never realizing altogether th ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVII, NO. 21 MAY 23, 1984 A NEEDED INQUIRY THESE are days in which our political arrang ... ved the Renaissance with a new and captivating bundle of ideas which exalted the European mind to an ecst ... s, admit the arrival of Homers, Beethovens and Napoleons, or even the small fry of Gifford Lecturers. . . ... wledging the help he obtained from writers such as Tolstoy, Ruskin, and Thoreau. Speaking of Gandhi's early ye ... d reading works by others. These included books by Tolstoy, Carlyle, Ruskin, and Edward Carpenter, Aylmer Maud ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXV, NO. 25 JUNE 21, 1972 THE TRUTH TO COME IT is apparently possible to declare an essen ... However, declarations of mysteries are not the style of a scientific civilization. The focus of the age ... rontations of intimate community life, so that people only "play parts," in relation to others and do not ... ychological autobiography he called My Confession. Tolstoy, like the intelligent and literate men of our time, ... e to an end. You are an accidentally cohering globule of something. The globule is fermenting. This ferme ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 1 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... SA A Not-for-Profit Endeavor ISBN 1-928614-01-9 TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX TO MANAS ON CD-ROM—Volume 1 SECTI ... cussed in Lead, "Some Admirable Heretics" Adelman, Leonard XXX:3 Quoted from Oct. 22, 1976 Science in Lea ... - [detail] - [similar]
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