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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XVI, NO. 23 JUNE 5, 1963 THE TYRANNY OF EQUALITY QUALITY versus equality: Which principle ... al new and confusing factors. REVIEW THE VERSATILE DWIGHT MACDONALD AGAINST THE AMERICAN GRAIN, by Dwight Ma ... oor by a locust-horde of salesmen. One thing about Dwight Macdonald that continues to fascinate this reviewe ... for the sort of critical writing he does so well: Macdonald, when pressed, describes himself as an "artist," or ... to get off this track; a better way of approaching Dwight Macdonald would be to ask: what has he not done? A ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME VI, NO. 41 OCTOBER 14, 1953 BOOKS FOR OUR TIME: VII THE only way, it seemed, by which Dwight ... 's historical survey was excellent preparation for Macdonald, especially among readers lacking a background in M ... arxist thought. Macdonald, a man who refuses to be a conventional moralist bu ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
Volume III, No. 35 August 30, 1950 A NEW VIEW OF MAN IT is always hazardous, and often presumptu ... sually articulate and precise statement in 1946 by Dwight Macdonald, in the April issue of his magazine, Pol ... an increasingly dubious Posterity. We think, says Macdonald, speaking for his sort of radicals, that "it is an ... ket describes Mr. Butterfield) have in common with Dwight Macdonald? They have in common the rejection of th ... culiarly "Christian" about his reasoning; and that Macdonald, too, feels that his view is at least "compatible" ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 2 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... ldren, "Through Laura's Eyes" Little Island, The – MacDonald, Weisgard IV:7 Reviewed in Children Little Kidnappe ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME VIII, NO. 43 OCTOBER 26, 1955 WAR AND JUSTICE SOMEWHERE along the line in epochs of histo ... et. This is followed by comment and criticism from Dwight Macdonald, Norman Thomas, Reinhold Niebuhr, Karl M ... s of relevance or consequence, I can do no other." Dwight Macdonald is the first critic. His comment is that ... stice. But will he be able to change his position? Macdonald, we expect, will be able to, if circumstances deman ... OMMENTARY DEMOCRATIC DILEMMA THERE is one point in Dwight Macdonald's criticism of Speak Truth to Power whic ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 1 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... surdity XXII:41 Review Against the American Grain —Dwight Macdonald XVI:10 Jan. 4 Time quoted on above in Le ... :23 Quoted and discussed in Review, "The Versatile Dwight Macdonald" XXXVII:10 Quoted ("homogenized" magazin ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME X, NO. 48 NOVEMBER 27, 1957 "PROGRESSIVES" AND "RADICALS" A MAGAZINE'S most cherished pos ... ts of either Progressives or Radicals according to Macdonald, you can come close. Killing a million kulaks as a ... Line. Thus there are all degrees of Progressivism. Macdonald, it seems to us, has provided the intellectual tool ... le (reprinted in Frontiers) and the quotation from Dwight Macdonald (page 7) side by side makes an interesti ... rgest aims, "for the good of humanity." Pick, says Macdonald, in effect, a project you can complete by yourself ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME VI, NO. 1 JANUARY 7, 1953 THE QUEST FOR SIMPLICITY MANAS enters its sixth year of publica ... tion program are not apt to be overly pleased with Dwight Macdonald's Nov. 29 New Yorker analysis of the Enc ... e of Adler's version. But it is at this point that Macdonald, perhaps, can stand a little more criticism. So far ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXIX, NO. 25 JUNE 18, 1986 HOW DIFFERENCES ARISE THE differences of opinion among humans ... eir work, which is what we did. We looked up first Dwight Macdonald, whom we have read carefully for years. ... Is Man—in 1953.) Pells says just the right things: Dwight Macdonald was temperamentally incapable of pursuin ... nificant number of writers began to emulate Dwight Macdonald, losing interest in political and economic theory, ... fe. That intellectuals might follow the example of Macdonald, when he had no wish to lead anyone anywhere, seeme ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XII, NO. 21 MAY 27, 1959 PERCEIVING WHAT IS THERE THE ideas of Dr. A. H. Maslow, quoted i ... tation, Irving Stone's Adversary in the House, and Dwight Macdonald's The Root Is Man. To understand the cry ... work is an article, "The Triumph of the Fact," by Dwight Macdonald, contributed to The Anchor Review (No. 2 ... - [detail] - [similar]
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