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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVI, NO. 39 SEPTEMBER 28, 1983 PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICS THE twentieth century has been f ... ved from them, heroic response. We are thinking of Hannah Arendt, born in Konigsberg in 1906, and Simone Wei ... and irrepressible compassion. Both Simone Weil and Hannah Arendt had teachers whom they revered and loved; f ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XL, NO. 51 DECEMBER 23, 1987 OUR NORMAL CONDITION? IS there now a "human crisis"? Numerou ... ittle by little, to accept responsibility himself. Hannah Arendt continues: CHLDREN . . . and Ourselves THE ... ent some of the general musings about education of Hannah Arendt, taken from her book Between Past and Futur ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVI, NO. 42 OCTOBER 19, 1983 JEFFERSONIAN REFLECTIONS FROM day to day we read in the pa ... h sought economic benefits in the name of justice. Hannah Arendt (in On Revolution) shows that in France thi ... no rulers except as agents to execute their will. Hannah Arendt draws a contrast: The direction of the Amer ... he social historian and political theorist, Hannah Arendt, who brought down upon her head charges of indiffer ... iscourage or prohibit local initiative and action? Hannah Arendt, despite her brilliance, seems a sentimenta ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 2 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... ietz XXXVII:17 Leer, Norman XXII:53 XXXIII:8 Lees, Hannah IX:18 Lefaivre, Liane XXIX:14 Lefkoff, Merle XXXII ... he Services of John Locke" Life of the Mind, The – Hannah Arendt XXXII:18 George Kateb's review of quoted fr ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXI, NO. 13 MARCH 29, 1978 WHAT COMES NEXT? THE age of religion and the age of science— ... of the three-part series on "Thinking" by the late Hannah Arendt, titled "Reflections," in the New Yorker fo ... "scientifically" confirming individual reflection. Hannah Arendt doesn't bother to argue about the legitimac ... gain perspective. This is the meaning, for Hannah Arendt, of independent thinking—philosophizing. She calls ... esulting confusion. This discussion of thinking by Hannah Arendt is a wonderful example of the use of the po ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVI, NO. 6 FEBRUARY 9, 1983 OPTIMISM OR PESSIMISM? E. F. SCHUMACHER's A Guide for the P ... Stern and Jean Yarbrough, both former students of Hannah Arendt, writing as a team, sum up her qualities as ... of logical argument, aims at what is true. It was Hannah Arendt's genius to combine these two modes. This c ... won't read me, I'll make sure you can't'." Hannah Arendt, happily, makes sure you can. In one place, speakin ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVI, NO. 40 OCTOBER 5, 1983 HARDLY WELCOME ALLIES WE have our lives to live, each one o ... ms of meaning rather than "survival." The books of Hannah Arendt are an example. In the early pages of The H ... hropological theory that attempts to explain this. Hannah Arendt, born in Germany in 1906, obtained a classi ... the human enterprise. Volume XXXVI, No. 40 Hannah Arendt, a contemporary European philosopher, and Aldo Leop ... y at illusions until they are almost destroyed. As Hannah Arendt put it in the article previously cited, the ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 1 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... uage and Beyond" XXXII:18 George Kateb's review of Hannah Arendt's The Life of the Mind quoted, Winter 1978, ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XII, NO. 2 JANUARY 14, 1959 THE FUEL AND THE FLAME IN a small group of people who had gat ... RY THE EDUCATIONAL DILEMMA THE sound good sense of Hannah Arendt's proposals concerning education makes stri ... s of the year on education appear in an article by Hannah Arendt (originally a lecture she delivered at Brem ... " ideative orientation. Finally, according to Miss Arendt, we must face the question of "whether we love our ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVII, NO. 26-35 JUNE 27, 1984 AS IT WERE AS human beings, we live in the tension betwee ... usually obtain a just appraisal, as in the case of Hannah Arendt, who may be taken as an ideal representativ ... e of the émigrés at their best: Hannah Arendt insisted upon remaining her own person. If ... a generation of émigrés who found themselves, like Arendt, no longer rooted in any academic discipline or nat ... ional culture. Yet there is a sense in which Hannah Arendt fitted remarkably well. Her students loved ... - [detail] - [similar]
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