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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 2 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a typewritten version, created privately after publication of MANAS ceased. The source of the original version was the card file index maintained for the editor throughout the 41 years of the paper's publication MANAS REPRINTS 245 W. 33rd St. Los Angeles, California 90007 USA A Not-for-Profit Endeavor ISBN 1-928614-01-9 TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX TO MANAS ON CD-ROM—Volume 2 SECTION PAGE L . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 468 M . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 518 N . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 600 O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 644 P . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 668 Q . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 724 R . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 728 S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 776 T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 862 U . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 908 V . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 918 W. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 930 XYZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 978 L Laban, Rudolf XXX:40 Labels and the Man I:5 Quoted his preface to Choreutics in Children, "Notes on the Arts" Editorial—We judge people only partially, by calling them "fascist," "red"—that is not the whole man whom we judge. The classifiable individual is never the whole individual. La Boetie, Etienne De XXIX:5 His Politics of Obedience reviewed in "Ye Are Many—They Are Few" Labor-Employer Relations II:32 Frontiers, Leo Wolman's Industry-Wide Bargaining Labor Law for the Rank and File – Staughton Lynd (Singlejack Book, Miles & Weir, Ltd., P. O. Box 1906, San Pedro, CA 90733, $1.50) XXXI:22 Mentioned in Review, "An American Tradition" Labour, Life and Poverty – Prof. F. Zweig I:46 Quoted in Letter from England LaBrant, Dr. Lou (Prof. of English, Dillard University, New Orleans) XII:44 His editorial in Sept. 12 Saturday Review, "Dynamic Education" quoted in Review, "The Dynamics of Education" Labyrinth of Solitude, The – Octavio Paz (Grove, 1961) XXIV:10 Discussed, quoted in Review, "The Shaping of Culture" XXIV:17 Quoted in Review, "Who Should Write History?" La Critique Sociale XXX:22 Simone Weil's quote from Nov. 1933 issue in her biography used in Lead, "The Line of a Life" Lacey, Geoff XXXVIII:5 "The Self-Reliant Community" from Permaculture, Nov 1983 quoted in Frontiers, "What to Do About Unemployment" Lackner, Stephan XXXVIII:13 Peaceable Nature quoted on problems of aggression in Review, "Redation or Symbiosis?" Lacy, Dan XIII:36 Quoted May 4 Christian Century in Frontiers, "Notes on Censorship" XXXVI:13 Quoted Winter 1982-83 Daedalus on "Reading" in Editorial, "Vinoba's Point" XXXVI:21 Quoted above Daedalus on "reading" in Children, "Forty-Ninth in Literacy" 468 Ladd, Edward T. (Professor of Education, Emory University) XXIII:51 His article, "Pills for Classroom Peace?" quoted from Nov. 21 Saturday Review in Lead, "The Age of Preoccupation" Ladd, Prof. George T. XVI:4 Quoted in Review, "A Pocket 'William Janes'" XVI:32 His Elements of Physiological Psychology quoted in Lead, "New Perspective in Psychology" XVII:13 Quoted from Elements of Physiological Psychology quoted in Editorial, "A Real Unit-Being" XXVII:44 Quoted from Elements of Physiological Psychology in Review, "Psychology's Lost Chord" Ladder to High Designs, The I:30 Review—Richard M. Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences Ladies and a Man XXXII:21 Review Ladies Home Journal I:47 Reference to Nov. 1948 "Good and the American People" in Lead, "Affirmation of Freedom" I:48 Review of above article V:32 Reference to Montagu article, "The Natural Superiority of Women" in Frontiers, "The Sun and Moon" XIV:3 Dorothy Thompson quoted Sept. issue in Children, "Issues in Educational Philosophy" IV:46 Dr. Benjamin Spock's article, "Do Your Children Worry About War?" Sept. issue, quoted in Children, "International Education for Children" XVII:51 Eve Merriam quoted, Oct. 1964 issue in Children, "Education and Violence" XXVI:7 Dorothy Thompson quoted, Dec. 1958 issue, in Lead, "Patterns of Power" Lady Chatterly's Lover – D. H. Lawrence XVI:13 Adam Margoshes' discussion of in The Village Voice Reader quoted in Editorial, "A Difficult Question" LaFarge, Oliver VII:20 Quoted from The American Indian in Review, "Ambush with Words" Lafayette, Marquis de VII:35 Quoted re death penalty in Lead, "The Worth of Human Life" LeFeber, Walter XXI:1 Quoted from Nov. 6 Nation in Lead, "A Matter of Elevation" LaFleur, William XXXIX:10 Lagemann, John IX:9 XVI:17 Laguna News-Post XXII:39 Lahr, John XXXIV:1 XXXIV:10 Lakey, George XXIV:19 From The Language of the Birds on the Ficus religiosa in "Recovery and Rediscovery" Quoted from Christian Century in Children on "empathy" Quoted March Redbook in Children, "Creative Youngsters" Kurt Jensen quoted, Aug. 14 issue, in Children, "Kinds of Irrationality" His review in Harper's of Studs Terkel's American Dreams quoted in Editorial, "A Jamesian Association" Quoted Jan. 1981 Harper's in Lead, "The Problem of Noise" (goals, meaning in our society) re Studs Terkel's book American Dreams Lain, Alexander XXIX:42 His material on Jefferson quoted July 3 Nation in Lead, "Thomas Jefferson—Then and Now" Laing, Dr. R. D. (British psychiatrist) XVIII:10 Quoted Jan. 22 Peace News in Children, "Education and Violence" XVIII:35 His The Divided Self reviewed, "Existential Psychiatry" XXIV:2 Dr. James S. Gordon's article regarding his work quoted from Jan. 1971 Atlantic in Lead, "The Requirements of Health"; mentioned The Divided Self XXV:38 Quote from him by Elizabeth Drews in Learning Together given in Children, "Story by Clair Bishop" XXIX:13 Subject of Review, "Ronald Laing, M.D." with excerpts from his talks and books XXIX:26-34 His The Facts of Life quoted in Review, "The Territory and the Map" XXIX:48 The Facts of Life quoted in Lead, "Hidden Identities" XXIX:52 The Facts of Life quoted in Review, "Sartor Resartus"; subject of Editorial, Case in Point" XXXI:13 Facts of Life quoted in Lead, "What Comes Next?" Laing, R. D.: The Man and His Ideas – Richard I. Evans (Dutton, cloth $12.95, paper $3.95) XXIX:13 Reviewed in "Ronald Laing, M.D." Laing, Ronald M.D. XXIX:13 Review Laird, Paul XXXI:7 Quoted from Lindesfarne Letter No. 5 in Children, "Trees and People" Lake, Mary XIII:14 Correspondence on Dr. Benjamin J. Shinn quoted in Children, "Deliberate Delinquents" Lake of Memory – George Godwin VI:41 Reviewed, "Platonic Memories" 469 Quoted from Jan. 1971 Gandhi Marg in Review, "Magazines from Abroad"—quote from Liddell Hart Lamantia, Phillip (Poet) XI:14 Quoted from his conversation with Kerouac on "the beat generation" on Mike Wallace's TV show in Children, "Discussion of a Generation: VII" Lamarck II:43 His contribution to popularization of evolution idea discussed in Frontiers, "Telepathy and Evolution" Lamb, Dana V:23 Review, "Strange Lands and Friendly People" devoted to his books, Quest for the Lost City and Enchanted Vagabonds Lamb, Harold XIX:18 Brief quote from his The Crusaders in Lead, "A Good Human Life" Lambarene Revisited XII:33 Frontiers Lambert, G. W. XI:14 Quoted his paper on Plotinian psychology in the Proceedings of the London Society for Psychical Research, 1927, pp. 393-413, in Editorial, "Marginal Significance" XXXVI:21 Brief quote from Proceedings (psychical research, 1927) in Editorial, "Psychic Phenomena" Lambert, John XXV:22 Quoted April 18 Christian Science Monitor in Children, "What Socrates Might Say" Lambert, the Sheepish Lion (cartoon) VI:8 Mention of in Children Lambert – F. S. Flint XIII:45 Poem quoted in Frontiers, "Psychopathology and National Defense" Lament for a Generation – Ralph de Toledano XIII:45 Quotation of Gerard Manley Hopkins quoted in Frontiers, "Psychopathology and National Defense" Lament for the Businessman VII:43 Lead Lamettrie, Julian (18th Century atheist (Julien Offray de la Mettrie)) I:5 Convinced freedom from religion necessary in battle to liberate man in Frontiers I:22 Reference to his L'Homme Machine— avowed opponent of Christian doctrine of creation II:9 Referenced to in Lead, "The Appeal to Reason" III:3 Quoted re atheism in Lead, "The Locus of Power" III:8 Reference to his Man a Machine in Frontiers, "What is an Organism?" IV:38 Quoted re atheism in Lead, "The Bondage of Controversy" VI:37 His Man a Machine quoted in Lead, "Notes on Religion" Lamettrie, Julian—(Continued) X:14 His Man a Machine quoted in Lead, "Scientific Philosophizing" XIV:12 Briefly quoted in Editorial, "The Morally Earnest Atheists" XV:14 Briefly quoted Man a Machine in Lead, "Creeping Ethics" XVIII:12 Quoted in Review, "Is There the Ego?" XXIII:12 Quoted Man a Machine in Lead, "Teaching and Healing" XXIV:14 Quoted Man a Machine in Lead, "Revolution or Restoration?" XXV:52 Quoted from L'Homme Machine in Lead, "Myths: A Brief Exploration" XXXII:23 L'Homme Machine quoted in Lead, "Not Matters of Belief" XXXIII:50 Quoted from Man a Machine in Lead, "A Science of Man?" XXXVII:3 Brief discussion of his case for Atheism from Man a Machine in Lead, "The Rhetoric of Righteousness" Lamont, Corliss IV:4 Reviewed The Illusion of Immortality in Frontiers, "A Tilt at Immortality" XXI:2 Quoted his Freedom of Choice Affirmed in Frontiers, "Freedom and/or Necessity" XXXIII:3 Discussed in "A Serious Business" in Review re Plato Lamp and the Law, The – ACLU pamphlet IX:6 A discussion of McCarran-Walter Act, reviewed in Frontiers, "Remediable Injustices" Lampell, Millard V:1 Mention of his book The Hero in Frontiers, "The Spoils of Sport" V:29 Reference to The Hero in Frontiers, "Psychology and Athletics" Lampooning Academic Psychology XVI:42 Review Lamsen, David XXVI:17 Quoted his book We Who Are About to Die in Review, "The Qualities of Men" Lance of Kanana, The – Harry W. French X:27 Reviewed in Children, "Reading Suggestions for Children" Land, Dr. Edwin H. (Inventor of Polaroid camera) XXIV:10 Quoted Jan. 15, 1971 Science in Frontiers, "Displacing Effects of Drugs" Land (quarterly published in Columbus, Ohio) XXVII:15 Discussed at end of Children, "Success Story" Land, the Earth, the Planet, The IX:18 Frontiers Land and the Law, The XXIII:10 Lead Land for the People – edited by Herbert Giradet (1976, Crescent Books, 8A Leighton, Crescent, London, N.W.S.) XXXII:18 Tony Farmer article, "Reviving the Land" quoted in Review, "Cobbett and His Heirs" Land in Question, The – Shirley-Anne Hardy (This and pamphlet by Jack Schwartzman, comparing the "two Henrys" Thoreau and George, available from School of Living, Box 3233, York, PA 17502) XXXVI:3 Brief quote from in Frontiers, "The Program of Henry George" Land in Therapy, The XL:41 Frontiers (written by Harry Caudill) Whiteburg, Kentucky, 41858) Land Institute, The – Route 3, Salina, Kansas 67401 XXXVII:46 Quoted their catalogue on purpose of institute and scholarships, in Editorial, "Research for Sustainable Agriculture" XXXVIII:18 Meeting of students with Wendell Berry in "The Long Road Home" XXXVIII:46 Announcement on internships in Editorial XXXIX:2 Spring 1986 issue Wes Jackson on plight of American farmer and Dana Jackson on the start of the Institute in "What Can Be Done" (from Land Report) XXXIX:47 Reminder on internships in Editorial Land is Indivisible – Wendal Bull VII:29 Lead Land Isn't Yesterday XXXVII:38 Frontiers (by Jane Meiklejohn) Land of Contrasts III:25 Review – press in India Land of the Free (poetry) John Beecher IX:17 Reviewed, "Voice of the Voiceless" IX:34 One of poems, "An Air that Kills" from above quoted in Editorial, "Tribute to Poetry" Land Reform—A Growing Movement XXVI:18 Frontiers Land Reform—Plus XXVI:13 Editorial Land Remembers, The – Ben Logan (Viking 1975, $8.95) XXVIII:20 Reviewed in "The Rediscovery of Nature" Land Report XXXV:2 Quoted Winter 1981 in Children, "WellRounded Education" (on Land Institute, Kansas), also quoted Joan Gussow XXXV:14 Fall 1980 revise of Deserts on the March quoted in Children, "Two Pioneers" by Aaron J. Sharp XXXVI:36 Quoted (1983) on daily schedule of students in Children, "The Picture of the World" XXXVI:44 Summer 1983 quoted in Frontiers, "Agriculture and Culture"; also discussion of the Land Institute (Walter Pickett's article) and quoted Wes Jackson on visit to Amish XXXVII:39 Quoted Winter 1983 on their life and activities in Children, "Ecological Revolution" XXXVII:50 Walter Pickett's article on wheat in Winter 1984 issue quoted in Children, "Tomorrow's Education" XXXVII:51 Quoted Martin Gursky, Summer 1984, on ideology of security in Frontiers, "A Lost Art?" XXXIX:2 Wes Jackson on the farmer, Dana Jackson on the Institute in "What Can Be Done" 470 Land Report—(Continued) XXXIX:17 Summer 1985 Mary Bruns on PaWiTo (see also A 30-Acre Tract), Wes Jackson in "Ways of Teaching" XXXIX:19 Fall 1985 Holly Winger on Angus Wright, historian environmental studies in "Chemical Disaster" XL:3 Patrick Bohlen's report on revitalization of rural America conf. in "Birth of a Culture?" (Summer 1986) XL:43 Spring 1987 Dana Jackson, Jess Ennis in "The Country—Now and Tomorrow" XLI:7 Donald Worster, Summer 1987 on private ownership of the land in "A Simple Ideal" XLI:21 Fall 1987 Patricia Boehner, Jess Ennis, Roger Lebovitz, Dana Jackson in "The Land Report" Land Report, The XLI:2 Review Land Stewardship Letter (512 Elm, Stilwater, Minn. 55082) XXXIX:53 Wendell Berry's talk, Summer 1986, Vol. 4, No. 2, also Wes Jackson on "ownership" in "The Missing Element in Our Culture" XL:4 Wendell Berry, Spring 1986, in "Soil and People" XL:36 Winter 1987, Berry in "Berry Rhetoric" on farmers XL:40 Spring 1987 Wes Jackson re biotechnology in "Wisdom about Plants and Soil" XL:46 W. Berry Winer, 1986, in "Musings About the Family Farm" XLI:3 Summer 1987 Frances Moore Lappe on "Capitalism" and sustainable agriculture in "The Meaning of Land" XLI:38 John Rylander, Summer 1988 re Aldo Leopold: The Man and His Legacy, also Ron Kroese from paper by Steven J. Taff XLI:44 Quoted Kroese, Spring 1988, on land policies in "Care of the Land" Land Trust – International Independence Institute, West Road, Box 183, Ashby, Mass 01431 XXVI:50 Mentioned in Frontiers, "A Non-Violent General Land Trust Manual, The (Institute of Community Economics, 151 Montague City Rd., Greenfield, Mass.) XXXVI:48 Noted in Frontiers, "The Community Land Trust " Land Trusts Are Multiplying XLI:23 Frontiers Land's End? VII:43 Editorial Landis, Judge Kenesaw Mountain II:33 Reference to in Review of Chaplin's Wobbly Landscape (Book of collected writings of J. B. Jackson (University of Mass Press, $8.00, paper, $3.50) XXX:11 Quoted in Children, "A Clogged-Up Dream" Landscape (Magazine) IX:18 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Land, the Earth, the Planet" Landscape–(Continued) XII:7 John Maas article quoted in Lead, "The Decline of the Hero" re banality of poster advertising, Autumn issue XII:50 Comments by editor on concern of small town in Texas by-passed by new superhighway, in Lead, "Encircling Gloom" XIII:45 Edwin N. Wilmsen quoted, Fall 1960 issue, in Editorial, "Sources of Wholeness" XIV:6 Lewis Mumford quoted, Winter issue, in Review, "Park and Field" XIV:24 Peter van Dresser quoted from Spring 1961 issue in Lead, "The Romantic Spirit" XV:14 Dr. Harold F. Searles quoted, Winter 1961-62 issue, in Lead, "Creeping Ethics" XVI:6 Quoted Winter 1962 issue in Lead, "The Right to Be Wise" XVI:43 Arthur Drexler quoted in Review, "The Designers of Space"; also quoted from same article, Mort and Eleanor Karp, Yi-Fu Tuan XVI:46 Edgar Anderson quoted, Autumn 1963 issue, in Editorial, "Weekend Pantheism?" XVIII:9 A. E. Parr quoted, Winter 1964 issue, in Lead, "A Responsibility of People" XIX:23 Walter Pichler quoted, Spring 1964 issue, in Lead, "Institutions and Human Equilibrium" XX:9 Discussed and editorial quoted, Winter 196667 issue, in Review, "The Planner's Siege Perilous" XX:27 A. E. Parr quoted from Winter 1964 issue in Lead, "The Designing Intelligence" XXI:43 Edwin N. Wilmsen quoted from Fall 1960 issue in Frontiers, "Art and Home" re Navajo hogan building song XXII:23 Niels Diffrient quoted from Winter 1969 issue in Frontiers, "The New Humanism" XXII:30 Grady Clay and Erich Isaac papers (reprinted in The Subversive Science) quoted in Lead, "Lost Allegiances" XXIV:42 Richard Alan Smith quoted in re Japanese city planning, Winter 1970 issue, in Lead, "Some Thoughts About Planning" XXXII:1 Clare Cooper Marcus quoted, Summer 1978 issue, in Children, "Concealing Arrangements" XXXII:52 Quoted in Frontiers, "Once Again: Small is Beautiful" (J. & M. Davis article) XXXIV:2 Quoted, No. 3, 1980, on "Place Ballets" in Children, "In the Magazines" XXXIV:2 Quoted No. 3, 1980 on "Place Ballets" in Children, "In the Magazines" XXXIV:20 Article, Jan. 1981, by Joseph Meeker quoted in Lead, "The Stewardship of the Earth" re technology and nature, ("Wisdom and Wilderness") XXXIV:39 Quoted article by Daniel B. Luten, No. 2, 1981, in Frontiers, "Questions of the Time" (housing, agriculture) XXXV:10 Quoted article by Christopher Salter in Vol. 25, 1981, in Frontiers, "The Uses of History" 471 Landscape–(Continued) XXXV:10 Quoted briefly from another article in above issue by John Fraser Hart, same Frontiers XXXVII:24 Quoted article by Neil Evernden on ecology and true nature of the prairie in Lead, "Prairie Revery" Vol. 27, also quoted Christopher Salter XXXIV:39 Daniel B. Luten, No. 2, 1981, in "Questions of the Time" (housing, agriculture) XXXV:10 Christopher Salter, Vol. 25, No. 3, in "The Uses of History" XXXV:10 Quoted John Fraser Hart from above issue XXXVII:24 Neil Evernden on ecology and the prairie, Vol. 27, and Christopher Salter, in "Prairie Revery" Landscape for Humans, A – Peter Van Dresser (1972, Biotechnic Press, P. O. Box 26091, Albuquerque, NM 87125) XXVI:26-35 Discussed and quoted in Review, "Plan for New Mexico" XXX:47 Quoted in Lead, "Questions on the Ecoregion" Landscape Papers – Edgar Anderson (Turtle Island Foundation, Berkeley, California, 1976) XXXII:25 Reviewed in "Clichés and Bulldozers" XXXII:47 Discussed in Review, "Community Honor Roll" Lane, Cecil T. (Yale physicist) I:52 Reference to in Editorial, "Architect of Living Form" Lane, Homer III:31 His Talks to Parents and Teachers discussed in Children III:48 Reference to in Children Lane, Dr. Howard (N.Y. University) X:2 His inquiry about classroom cheating discussed in Children, from Morton Hunt, Reader's Digest article Lane, Leonora C. XIX:37 Children, "The Living World" condensed from her article in Journal of Human Relation, Vol. 14, No. 2 Lane, Robert E. VII:9 Quoted from Psychiatry in Review from his article "Political Character and Political Analysis" Lane, Rose Wilder II:17 Review of her The Discovery of Freedom IV:9 Long quote from above book in Lead, "Progress and Decline" XXXII:49 Quoted from her The Discovery of Freedom in Editorial, "There Ought Not to Be a Law" (daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie) Lang, Cyril XXXIV:16 Time story, Dec. 15, 1980, on his teaching of Aristotle's Poetics, Machiavelli's Prince and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, etc.—lost his job—in Children, "Teachers at Bay" Lang, Daniel VII:4 XXVI:3 XXVI:6 Langbaum, Robert VIII:31 XXVI:18 XXIX:18 Langberg, Arnold XXXVI:4 Review of his New Yorker profile on Samuel Goudsmit in "Bow to the New Yorker" Quoted Dec. Harper's in Review, "The Faces of Civilization" Quoted in Lead, "The Metaphors of Certainty" Quoted his American Scholar article on fear of Communism in the United States in Frontiers, "A Liberal Reassessment" Quoted Spring 1973 American Scholar in Review, "Avuncular Wisdom" Quoted D. H. Lawrence in Winter 1976-76 American Scholar which is used in Lead, "Lost and Found Meanings" His "Colorado High School," Children, in this issue, to be found in full in Changing Schools, Winter 1982 Langdon-Davies, John IX:25 His The Unknown—Is It Nearer? reviewed, "Pocket Book Parapsychology" XXI:37 Quoted his Seeds of Life in Frontiers, "Where the Wild Thyme Grows" Lange, Frederick I:21 History of Materialism—quote from Bertrand Russell's Introduction in Frontiers I:26 Quoted History of Materialism— contribution to knowledge of ancients did not come from materialists II:49 Quoted from above on Einstein "Great Reformer" study re gravitation and "mathematical law" being placed in rank of physical cause II:52 Quoted History of Materialism on Aristotle in Lead, "The Spark-Gap of Decision" IV:25 Quoted History of Materialism IV:38 Quoted Russell's introduction to above in Lead, "The Bondage of Controversy" VI:22 Quoted from History in Lead, "The Asylum of Mystery" VIII:46 History of Materialism quoted on John Toland in Lead IX:14 History quoted in Lead, "Scientific Inspiration" XII:7 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Twilight Area" XIII:47 History of Materialism quoted in Lead, "SelfDeception's Strange Fruit" Briefly quoted in Editorial, "What Is Demonstrable?" XV:28 Bertrand Russell's introduction to his History of Materialism quoted in Lead, "The Struggle Against Prematurity" XVII:13 History quoted on Isaac Newton in Lead, "Toward a Redefinition of Science" XVIII:1 Introduction to History quoted in Lead, "The Sacred Bonds" XVIII:18 Quoted from History of Materialism in Lead, "The Mists of Objectivity" 472 Lange, Frederick—(Continued) XVIII:39 History quoted in Lead, "Behind Socratic Ignorance" Quoted in Editorial, "The Clarity of Wholeness" XIX:44 History quoted in Lead, "The Quest for Wholeness" XXI:25 Bertrand Russell's Introduction to History quoted in Frontiers, "An Abstract Concession" XXII:9 Quoted History of Materialism in Lead, "A Cost Accounting" XXIV:6 Quoted History in Lead, "The Necessity of an Ideal" XXIV:9 Russell's Introduction quoted in Editorial, "What Opens Minds?" XXVII:44 Bertrand Russell's Introduction to History quoted in Lead, "What Sort of Awakening?" XXVII:51 History quoted in Lead, "Nature Without Man" XXVIII:36 History quoted in Lead, "The Second Phase" XXIX:15 Introduction to History quoted in Review, "The Biological Paradigm" XXXI:23 History quoted in Lead, "The Costs of Restoration" XXXII:23 History quoted in Lead, "Not Matters of Belief" XXXIII:48 Bertrand Russell's Introduction to History quoted in Lead, "The Environment of Meaning" XXXVIII:4 Quoted from History of Materialism re materialism as a dogma in Lead, "Is There Moral Law?" XXXVIII:43 From preface History of Materialism (man's chain of illusion") in "A Cumulative Force" Langer, Suzanne (Contemporary thinker in U.S.) X:38 Quoted from her article in Fortune describing the changes in the modern world in Lead, "Travail in Asia" XXVIII:44 Lorin Loverde's quote from her in Jan. 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Hayakawa XXIX:24 Quoted in Children, "Cross-Section" Language of Affirmation, The IV:37 Lead Language of Dreams, The XIV:17 Review Language of Symbols VI:36 Editorial Language of Synthesis, A XVII:36 Lead Language of the Birds, The – David M. Guss (North Point, 1986) XXXIX:10 Reviewed in "Recovery and Discovery" Language of the Inner Life XIX:7 Lead Language of the Spirit, The XXXVIII:41 Review (Defense of Ancient Springs – Raine) Language of Value, The XXI:17 Lead Language of Vision, The – Gyorgy Kepes XV:52 S. I. Hayakawa's Introductory essay to quoted in Lead, "The Age of Dilemmas" Language, Thought, and Reality (MIT Press, 1969) XXII:28 Benjamin Lee Whorf's paper quoted in Lead, "Science in Transformation" XXIV:41 Quoted from in re Hopis, in Lead, "Resonances of Mind" XXXVIII:7 Quoted in Review, on culture of the Hopi, "Appearance and Reality" XLI:18 Quoted on Hopi thought in "Changing Ways of Thinking" Lanier, Lyle H. 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produced by education Review of Economic Development in South East Europe About "Father State" Statistics on working population as to ages Political parties II:40 Letter from Alaska II:37 II:50 III:4 III:8 Letter from Albany, Georgia XVIII:19 Frontiers—letter from Eliza Jackson (Albany Library) quote from Albany proposal Letter from America I:43 VI:5 VI:12 Types of literature since WWII III:19 III:25 III:29 III:38 III:44 IV:5 II:46 Volksdeutschen Liechtenstein Peace Treaty Capital punishment Franz Joseph IV:11 VI:19 IV:23 XV:1 IV:39 485 Letter from Central Europe—(Continued) IV:46 Letter from England—(Continued) I:4 V:7 V:17 I:8 Im Schatten der Hofburg – Countess von Stockhausen I:11 I:16 V:22 I:20 V:31 I:25 V:33 I:29 V:37 I:33 V:45 I:38 VI:1 I:46 VI:6 I:50 VI:10 II:1 VI:21 II:6 VI:32 II:11 II:16 II:20 II:25 II:29 II:39 VI:37 VI:43 VI:46 VI:48 VI:50 II:44 VI:52 II:49 VII:6 III:2 VII:11 III:5 VII:14 VII:20 VII:32 III:11 Avalanches III:14 III:18 III:24 III:28 VII:39 VII:51 VIII:3 VIII:14 Germany Anschluss—union with On General Elections On hydrogen bomb Crime and punishment III:33 III:35 III:37 III:39 III:41 III:43 III:46 III:48 VIII:18 VIII:25 VIII:29 re Joan Price, quoted Laws of Manu Aldous Huxley on radio Statistics on increasing crime Cruelty to animals Pacifism in England Peace Treaty VIII:49 VIII:52 IX:44 IX:47 Criminal cases—"expert" III:50 X:7 X:29 Hungarian refugee problem III:52 IV:2 Catholics South Africa—Seretse Khama Korea Idea of a university Gambling, horse racing, etc. Population Shaw IV:4 Letter from Chile VI:25 IV:5 IV:8 VI:51 Letter from Cyprus VI:27 IV:10 Letter from Eastern Europe by the Roving Correspondent XVII:32 Concerning culture and economics in Moscow and Poland XXIX:34 Discusses question of "authority" XXIII:13 Discusses situation in Czechoslovakia Letter from England I:1 IV:14 IV:12 IV:16 IV:20 IV:22 IV:25 IV:38 486 Margaret Greig Letter from England—(Continued) IV:40 IV:43 IV:45 Letter from Finland XI:46 Godwin XI:49 Letter from Florida IX:19 Letter from France I:18 IV:47 IV:49 IV:52 Fraudulent Mediums Bill V:2 V:4 V:8 Godwin Godwin restoration of King's health I:27 I:34 Bertrand Russell On bureaucracy II:5 II:31 II:45 V:20 Selections from students' papers I:44 I:48 V:13 V:26 V:48 Borsodi About Garry Davis Education—classes nouvelles Garry Davis jailed for picketing prison where c.o. held VI:2 III:9 VI:9 IV:42 VI:23 V:11 VI:34 V:49 VI:41 VI:44 VII:10 VI:8 XV:8 Capital punishment Letter from a Friend II XVI:36 Frontiers Letter from Galilee (Shlomo Sokol) XII:11 About Kibbutz living—communal groups Letter from a Generation XIV:50 Frontiers Letter from Geneva XI:47 Paul Johnson XII:32 VII:18 VII:41 VIII:8 VIII:17 VIII:21 VIII:34 IX:13 X:3 X:27 X:40 X:49 XI:24 XI:36 XII:10 XII:28 XII:42 XII:1 XIII:16 XIII:32 XIII:51 XIV:12 XIV:22 XIV:52 XV:13 Eleanor Switzer, Communities of Work Censorship Editorial, "More Than a Matter of Words" Mrs. Knight on BBC-Humanist approach Acland on the H-Bomb Acland and feeling on H-Bomb Capital punishment Capital punishment Reaction to Suez Planning for communities Atomic war BBC Prime Minister ignores Bertrand Russell's plea to stop testing nuclear weapons Report on world church conference in which archbishop remarks that it may be God's will that the human race should destroy itself in a nuclear war Michael Scott, and weakness of church of England Decision of Cambridge University to abolish Latin and Greek as compulsory subjects Comments on Kruschev's proposals for disarmament while visiting U.S. Comments on corporal punishment Discusses TV programs for children Discusses Crockford's Clerical Directory with anonymous essay on episcopate Discusses legal decision on D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover Discusses Bertrand Russell Discusses delinquent youth Discusses visit to The Netherlands Discusses trial of those who invaded R.A.F. base at Wethersfield XIII:38 XIV:49 Discusses division of Germany and question of Berlin XIV:51 Letter from Germany I:9 I:13 I:19 Denazification I:30 I:35 I:41 I:47 I:51 II:3 II:8 II:12 II:17 History of Berlin II:19 II:24 Self-pity, German-language MANAS II:34 III:6 III:22 III:26 487 Rise of new "Fuehrer"—Stalin SAG factories Free German Youth Letter from Germany—(Continued) III:34 Letter from India—(Continued) XI:8 C.V.G. – Politics XII:39 On Gramdan activities—Ram Vyas author XIII:8 C.V.G. (Gopalakrishna) discusses Walter Lipmann's "The Economic Revolution in India" XIV:38 Narayan Desai writes on peace volunteer movement XIV:45 Ram Yuas XV:9 Reports on Goa XV:38 Lead article by C.V.G. XVI:13 Discussion of social structure of India by Baldoon Dhingra Letter from Israel XIII:30 III:40 III:51 IV:9 IV:21 Fritz Roerig vs. Alfred Neusel IV:27-36 IV:41 V:5 V:16 V:21 V:25 V:32 V:35 V:42 Monat "German Report"—Heinz Kraschutzki XXII:41 Letter from Italy I:14 V:51 VI:11 VI:14 VI:17 Reference to in Editorial, "Compulsions of Politics "Berlin Letter"—Heinz Kraschutzki I:22 I:26 I:31 I:39 VII:30 XIII:11 XIII:17 Letter from Japan II:36 VI:28 VI:38 VI:45 VI:49 VII:37 Adele Wehmeyer Letter from Grosvenor Square – John Gilbert (Winant) I:38 Reference to Letter from India I:2 III:16 III:23 III:27 III:36 National Union of Students A secular or a religious State? Panchayats—village republics Discontent of people with prohibition polity World Pacifist Meeting On Gandhi's birthday—quotations from him to show main currents of though motivating him IV:7 IV:15 IV:18 IV:37 IV:44 Results of Occupation V:19 C.V.G. on Kashmir Vinoba Bhave's Bhoodan (land-gift movement) D.V. Reddy—counterletter from C.V.G. On comeback of Shintoism V:3 V:10 Ram Vyas C.V.G. C.V.G. X:37 Feeling about rearmament Effect of post-war on old people IV:24 Sarvodaya Fellowship Vinoba Bhave Result of elections Result of elections Vinoba Bhave X:25 X:35 Lafacadio Hearn IV:1 IV:3 VIII:16 VIII:22 VIII:39 VIII:51 Communists III:42 III:49 I:12 IV:17 IV:51 V:12 V:27 V:38 VI:35 Implications of Lateran Pact Italian education Croce and Gramsci Italian Bourgeois Adele Wehmeyer American Abroad Correspondent in Italy II:47 I:5 II:30 II:38 II:48 III:3 III:12 III:47 Roving Correspondent experiences in a kibbutz Influx of war toys, moves toward rearmament Academic freedom, or lack of it V:24 V:40 V:50 VI:3 VI:20 VI:31 VIII:9 VIII:30 488 Letter from Japan—(Continued) XIII:31 Letter from Norway—(Continued) VI:1 Above quoted in Lead, "The Quest for Simplicity" VI:47 XIII:32 XXIII:48 Letter from Jordan V:52 VI:7 VI:15 VIII:7 XXI:12 XXIII:14 K. Ukaji VII:17 Letter from Pakistan XII:37 Paul Johnson "Jack" of many countries U.S. Information Center opening Letter from Poland XVII:16 Letter from Prague XIII:23 Re University of Jordan Tells of starvation of children and inflation problems XV:4 Letter from Kenya XXIX:37 Frontiers Letters from Lambarene XI:31 Frontiers by Dr. Frederick Franck Letter from Lebanon VI:26 Mrs. Milton Mayer Letter from Scotland II:2 Letter from South Africa (see also Letter from Africa) II:7 Alan Paton II:15 Margaret Snell II:23 Margaret Snell, Citizenship requirements II:32 Margaret Snell, Citizenship requirements II:43 Christian-National education III:1 On Mrs. Robeson's book Editorial, "Problems of 'Justice'" III:10 Voertrekkers III:21 Apartheid III:31 Group Areas Bill, Unlawful Organization Bill, etc. III:45 Tribal murders See also Editorial, "The Noble Savage" IV:19 V:41 V:47 Lady of Guadalupe VI:24 VI:39 VII:5 Oaxaca Letter from the Middle East XXI:28 V:1 V:9 V:29 V:34 V:43 VI:22 VI:36 Letter from Morocco IV:48 V:6 V:23 Letter from Moscow VII:46 "Torch Commando" "Indian Problem" in South Africa "Entrenched Clauses" Natal Mrs. Snell Joseph Mokoena VI:42 William Maclellan, Glasgow, see also Editorial, "Another Letter on 'The East'" XI:32 Editorial, Sol Ruden, Philadelphia Orchestra XIII:12 Paul Johnson XIII:19 Frontiers XIV:25 Discusses May Day Parade XIV:27 Discusses "An Evening of Friendship" XIV:32 Discusses living conditions XX:9 Discusses "New Soviet Man" Letter from (Netherlands Letter) I:17 XII:27 XII:34 XX:52 Letter from Spain XII:21 Corrie van den Bos Corrie van den Bos From Paul Johnson Letter from Sweden V:14 V:39 Letter from Switzerland I:21 Letter from Norway IV:13 I:36 I:45 IV:26 IV:50 V:30 V:53 Frontiers XIII:27 Letter from Mexico V:36 VII:9 VII:13 Situation under Communist leadership described Letter from Romania XXVIII:15 VI:4 VI:13 Forfang II:9 Forfang Folk High Schools Forfang II:13 II:18 489 Pledge of Rutli Letter from Switzerland—(Continued) II:26 About Bircher Bill which proposed checking everyone for t.b. II:42 On Initiative II:51 About Oxford Movement—Chuchmanism III:15 About BIT-Bureau Internationale de Travail III:20 Organisation Internationale des Refugies III:30 Letter to a Generation – Sen. Ralph E. Flanders X:19 Quoted in Children, "The Debate on Disarmament" Letter to a Psychiatrist IX:17 Frontiers Letter to a Teacher --written by eight Italian schoolboys, translated by Nora Rossi and Tom Cole (Random House) XXV:7 Quoted, also Dr. Robert Coles and John Holt's comments quoted from in Children, "A Place that Deserves Fame" XXVI:14 Quoted in Children, "The First Nursery School" Letter to America V:28 Letter from Syria VI:30 Letter from the Night (Walker Winslow) X:46 Letters XI:2 Letters: Walker Winslow, Yeats XI:23 Letters: Walker Winslow, Robert Frost Letter from the Past (also Letters) V:15 V:44 Letter from the UN XI:42 Letter from the Yukon III:32 Letter to the President XI:13 Frontiers, Louise K. 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Lowes Dickinson" XXXII:14 Quoted in Review, "John McTaggart" Letters from an American Farmer – Crevecoeur IX:13 Quoted from in Lead, "The New Men" XX:12 Quoted in Lead, "Coming of Age in the World" Letters from Mississippi XIX:26 Quoted in Lead, "Access for Peace-Makers" Letters of Theodore Roosevelt, The XXXIV:23 As discussed in Wilson's Eight Essays in Lead, "On Self-Evolvers" Letters on India XI:11 Frontiers concerned with BKD's answer to C.V.G.'s article in MANAS, Jan. 15, "Disillusioned India" Letters to an Ex-Priest – Emmet McLoughlin (Lyle Stuart, Inc.) XVIII:37 Brief mention of in Lead, "Some Thinking About Religion" Letters to a Young Poet – Rainer-Maria Rilke X:48 Quoted in Children, "A Poet Educates" Letters to Felice – Franz Kafka XXVI:44 Briefly discussed in Review, "Not That, But This" Leuba, Clarence XXIX:16 Taped conversation with Dr. Morgan quoted in Children, "The Long Road" Leuba, James H. 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Ferry (Ping) Letter from Venezuela XVIII:47 Frontiers XXIX:1 Above quoted from Nov. 24 MANAS in Lead, "The Lonely Free" Letter from Vienna VII:49 Helene Scheu-Riesz VIII:12 Letter from Warsaw XII:16 XIII:20 XIV:13 Paul Johnson Paul Johnson From Prof. at University, Warsaw, to executives of American Friends Service Committee in U.S. XIV:29 Letter from West Africa XX:14 Discussed "progress" of last five years XX:18 Part II discusses efforts to combat endemic disease Letter from Yugoslavia XIV:42 Letter on Anarcho-Pacifism – George Reeves X:33 Letters Letter on "Identity," A XVII:1 Frontiers Letter on Listening XVII:16 Editorial Letter on Radioactive Fall-Out X:34 Walter Gormly wrote Letter to a Friend I:37 Editorial—letter from Schmidt to Joe Zuckerman IV:7 Lead, Larry LaRouche—Albuquerque, N.M. to John Collier 490 Leukippos I:10 Leval, Gaston XXX:16 Levi, Carlo—(Continued) III:14 Review of his Of Fear and Freedom in Lead, "The Function of Religion" VII:30 Christ Stopped at Eboli quoted in Editorial, "The Italian South" X:51 His paper Fear and Freedom which was submitted to the Research Society for Creative Altruism and later to be published in a book, "The 1957 Conference on New Knowledge in Human Values," quoted from in Frontiers, "Against the Grain" XI:44 His Words Are Stones discussed in Children XXII:2 Quoted from in Lead, "Life and Consciousness" XXXII:23 Christ Stopped at Eboli subject of Editorial, "Carlo Levi's Book" XXXVI:24 Quoted Of Fear and Freedom in Lead, "A Legitimate Individualism"; noted in Editorial, "The Social Mystery" Levi, Primo (Italian Chemist, d. 1988) XXXVIII:20 The Periodic Table reviewed in "A Continuous Delight" Levin, Alan Scott XXXVIII:2 His (with Merla Zellerbach) Type 1/Type 2 Allegry Relief Program quoted in Frontiers, "Progressive Undoings" Levin, Benjamin H. 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Gibbons quoted in Editorial, "A Self-Sustaining Model" XXXVI:11 Quoted, discussed Workplace Democracy and Social Change in Review, "Worker Management" Lindgren, Henry Clay IX:3 His The Art of Human Relations quoted in Children Lindheim, Roslyn XXVII:52 Her CIDOC paper, "Humanization of Medical Care" discussed and quoted in Frontiers, "Institutional Medicine" Lindisfarne Letter XXXI:7 John Todd quoted from No. 5 in Children, "Trees and People," E. F. Schumacher also quoted, and Paul Laird Lindner, Robert M. (Baltimore psychologist) III:12 Mention of his Rebel Without a Cause in Review of Prison Etiquette VIII:2 Quoted re juvenile delinquency in Children from Time; reference to in Editorial, "Emerging Conflict" IX:10 His McCall's Feb. article, "Raise Your Child to be a Rebel!" quoted in Children IX:22 His Fifty-Minute Hour reviewed, "Shocking But True" Lindsay, R. B. 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(Dr. Law and Education Center, Denver) XXXVIII:47 From Education Week, May 15, 1985 home schooling in "Education to Be Different" Lineweaver, Hugh (Grosse Pointe, Michigan) XIV:32 Letter to Editors quoted in Lead, "Problems of Universal Thinking" 498 Link after Link XV:9 Lippmann, Walter—(Continued) X:22 Quoted in Lead, "Eccentric Memories" X:47 Quoted from his "Preface to Morals" in Lead, "Great Expectations" XVIII:20 Quoted in Editorial, "Acts of Commitment" XX:7 Brief quote from Preface to Morals in Review, "Sinners Into Sages" XXI:10 Quoted Sept. 1936 Atlantic in Lead, "The Flight from Abstractions" XXIII:8 Quoted by Lee Loevinger in Sept. 1969 Etc. in Frontiers, "The Steady Light" XXIV:1 Quoted 1922 statement in Frontiers, "How Ho Became a Communist" XXIX:19 His The Method of Freedom quoted in Lead, "The Imperfect Parallel" XXX:40 Quoted 1937 Atlantic in Lead, "The Facts of Life" Lippold, Richard XVIII:45 His essay, "Illusion and Structure" quoted from Structure in Art and in Science in Lead, "Before the Storm" Lipset, Seymour Martin XX:30 Quoted L.A. Times, Oct. 2, 1966, in Lead, "Images, Polls, and 'Reality'" XXIII:52 His Political Man mentioned by John H. Schaar in New American Review article quoted in Lead, "The Roots of Social Order" Lipski, Jan Jozef (Polish literary critic and historian) XXXVII:41 Quoted his letters from Nation, May 19, 1984, for article by Witold Jedlicki in Children, "In the Magazines" Lipson, Leslie XXIII:44 His Great Issues of Politics quoted in Review, "Problems of Social Order" XXV:1 Quoted from Values and Humanity (coauthor, Elizabeth M. Drews) in Review, "The Paradox of Values" Lipton, Lawrence (poet) XI:9 Quoted from his "The Uses of Poetry," Winter 1957-58 Literary Review in Review, "In Defense of Poetry" XI:53 Review of Jazz Canto (he reads part) in Frontiers, "Miscellany" XII:12 Poetry from Prismatic Voices quoted in Frontiers, "Our Homeopathic Charms" XV:24 His The Holy Barbarians quoted in Children, "Genealogy of the 'Beats'" XVIII:40 Briefly quoted from L.A. 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(with Jeffrey Stamps) of Networking discussed in Frontiers, "Autonomy and Unanimity" Lippert, Paul XXXVII:52 Quoted, Summer 1984 Et Cetera on significance of "1984" devoted to Orwell in Frontiers, "Orwell and Thoreau" Lippmann, Walter VII:46 Quoted in Children, on juvenile delinquency VIII:19 His The Public Philosophy quoted in Lead, "Set Free or Set Loose?" 499 List, John—(Continued) XXVIII:38 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Responsibility of People" Listener (British weekly) IX:52 Macdonald's comment on in Review, "Macdonald in London" XI:15 Angus Maude talk, "Cloaking the Dagger" reviewed, "British Political and Social Analysis" XIII:18 Czeslaw Milosz quoted, Feb. 18 issue, in Frontiers, "Toward Freedom" XIII:22 Prof. Stephen Toulmin quoted, Feb. 11 issue, in Review, "Scientists and Science-Users" XIII:22 Alex Comfort quoted, Mar. 24, 1960 issue, by Mrs. Donald Budd Armstrong in her Frontiers, "Instead" XIII:35 Christopher Martin quoted, June 23 issue, in Editorial, "Not Optimism, Not Pessimism" XIV:1 G. 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Flying Around the World" XXXVI:52 Quoted July 7, 1983 article by Sanjit Roy on Social Work and Research Center, in Frontiers, "The Re-education of Experts" XXXVII:22 Quoted Feb. 18, 1960 issue, Czeslaw Milosz on danger of syncretism in Frontiers, "Convergences" XXXIX:3 Quoted Czelaw Milosz on longing for moral awakening from Feb. 18, 1960 in "Our Uncreated Identity" XXXIX:52 Feb. 18, 1960 Milosz re curiosity on our past in "Outgrowing War" Listener-Sponsored Radio X:43 Frontiers XI:46 Editorial, "What Should a Man Do?" Listening to Alexander Nevsky XXXIII:44 Review Listening to America – Bill Moyers XXIV:1 Long extract quoted, Dec. 1970 Harper's, discussed quoted in Review, "Voice of America" XXIV:4 Quoted in Lead, "Once Great Expectations" Listening to America—(Continued) XXVI:52 Quoted in Lead, "How Will They Understand?" 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VIII:12 Reviewed, "Money Was No Object" XXIII:45 Quoted in Children, "Household Economics"; also quoted Paul Goodman's introduction to new edition XXXIII:21 Quoted in Frontiers, "Thinking About What To Do" Living Torch, The – George Russell (Monk Gibbon, Macmillan, 1938) XXVI:3 Quoted (originally in Irish Statesman) in Lead, "The Question of 'Wholeness'" Living Universe, A III:36 Lead Living Wilderness XXV:39 Quoted Summer 1972 issue in Review, "Amid the Encircling Gloom" XXVIII:5 Jeff Stansbury quoted from Spring 1974 issue in Frontiers, "Trends and Hopes" XXIX:7 Dialogue between Charles N. Conconi and Thomas A. Murphy quoted from July/Sept issue in Lead, "What Stands in the Way?" XXX:13 Same as above quoted in Frontiers, "The Catering of Cars" Livingston, Arthur XXV:43 His translation of Heroic ... - [detail] - [similar]
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