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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME X, NO. 7 FEBRUARY 13, 1957 THE NUMBER ONE QUESTION WHAT is the human individual? It is pr ... ves the Free Enterprisers much reason to dislike him. He ignores their scriptures. There are other reaso ... book which serves as a tract against conformity is Robert Wernick's They've Got Your Number, a diatribe agai ... ind another settlement of Hungarians to welcome them. Many will probably suffer from the psychic complex ... n secured a short introductory note from Robert M. Hutchins, who calls the book "a pioneering venture of import ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME III, NO. 22 MAY 31, 1950 THE STUBBORN FACTS THE moralist who, whether political or religi ... ffect of redefining the meaning of "political reform." What the factory system would do to human beings ... raditional agriculture of the French peasants. But M. Cercler Volume III, No. 22 takes the position that ... group becomes a threat to one's personal position. Robert Hutchins of Chicago University was reported to hav ... his has been the cry and the reproach of Robert M. Hutchins, Chancellor of the University of Chicago, for some ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME X, NO. 46 NOVEMBER 13, 1957 THEOLOGY REVISITED IT has been many years since the general r ... ecomes at once immoral. Augustine did disregard them. Action, he maintains, follows the strongest motive ... if this is the case, then he must also have freedom. But if he has freedom, then he is in a position to ... Some Observations on American Education, to which Robert M. Hutchins' name was attached, not knowing whethe ... University College of North Staffordshire, by Dr. Hutchins, offering fresh formulations of his familiar themes ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XVIII, NO. 13 MARCH 31, 1965 TOUGH-MINDED MEN IN FLIGHT THE proposition to be defended he ... becomes exceedingly difficult to dispute their claim. What may be disputed, however, is the way in which ... the computer-controlled automation of industry. As Robert Theobald has put it: In the relatively near future ... itudes toward Work and Free Enterprise and Socialism. Objective Social Science is supposed to bludgeon t ... l about large questions can practice it. Robert M. Hutchins, of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institut ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME V, NO. 53 DECEMBER 31, 1952 THE COMPETENCE OF MIND A READER who likes MANAS in some respe ... pirit of Zen, aptly conveys the mood of Zen Buddhism. As Watts says: . . . anyone who attempts to write ... inward spirit, however incomprehensible it may seem. Later on, Mr. Watts relates: Frequently the Zen ma ... our readers. J J J One of our favorite educators, Robert M. Hutchins, though no longer serving in academic ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XII, NO. 12 MARCH 25, 1959 THE HATERS OF METAPHYSICS THE haters of metaphysics, being hum ... s ago may throw another kind of light on the problem. A young man in search of a copy of Nikolai Lenin's ... tratum of life" is a definitely metaphysical problem. Schrödinger's reflections upon relations of time t ... ary role of human beings. "The dialogue," says Mr. Hutchins, "is impeded by obsolescent practices." Even people ... d in the issue of Feb. 21, which has an article by Robert M. Hutchins. Mr. Hutchins, as many are aware, feel ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXIV, NO. 13 APRIL 1, 1981 THE PRIORITY OF MIND IT seems a major irony of human existenc ... n of the Hegelian dialectic in its materialized form. Systems based upon abstractions from experience ma ... of yore in closest and friendliest intimacy with him. This, to mark the pre-existence, in order of thoug ... st, and his study Volume XXXIV, No. 13 Another was Robert M. Hutchins. His emphasis, however, was very diffe ... g these famous texts sprang up around the country. Hutchins, you could say, was a Platonist who believed that r ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XIV, NO. 16 APRIL 19, 1961 THE WORD'S WORK IF you get to wondering about whether there is ... tic in his field, and then to set about solving them. In most cases special problems can be solved by in ... er sort of specialty is represented by the work of Robert M. Hutchins and his colleagues and associates of t ... se we need them or believe that we can ever use them. But the high rate of technological change and our ... to supply. We recall that, many years ago, Robert Hutchins, then president of the University of Chicago, cause ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME VI, NO. 34 AUGUST 26, 1953 SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY A CORRESPONDENT discusses briefly the q ... ading of man quite out of the real and primary realm. Obviously man was not a subject suited to mathemat ... , we think, for physicists to relax their skepticism. They are not fighting for recognition any more. Th ... gressive educators have been feeling for, and what Robert M. Hutchins means when he speaks of metaphysics. F ... fellow Barr, Justice William O. Douglas, Robert M. Hutchins, and some others. Further, what seems the rapid knu ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME X, NO. 14 APRIL 3, 1957 SCIENTIFIC PHILOSOPHIZING AFTER a lifetime of research and teachi ... in recent years has been its support of materialism. The old ideas that a living system differs fundame ... an. A machine should not be expected to display them. Here we are impaled on the horns of an ancient dil ... ht of as a "Western" to which a strong infusion of Robert Nathan has been added; or, if you haven't read Nat ... of the problem. The solution is not easy—even for Hutchins, as he frankly lets us know—but it is mandatory, in ... - [detail] - [similar]
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