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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 1 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a typewritten version, created privately after publication of MANAS ceased. The source of the original version was the card file index maintained for the editor throughout the 41 years of the paper's publication MANAS REPRINTS 245 W. 33rd St. Los Angeles, California 90007 USA A Not-for-Profit Endeavor ISBN 1-928614-01-9 TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX TO MANAS ON CD-ROM—Volume 1 SECTION PAGE A...................................................................................1 B . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 C . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 187 E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 235 F . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 267 G . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 305 H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 345 I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 405 J . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 425 K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 443 A Abbs, Peter (Continued) XXXVI:5 Quoted from Teachers College Record Fall AA—The Story – Ernest Kurtz, ed. (Harper/Hazeldon, 1988) XLI:21 Noted in Editorial, "Something to Give" Aaron, Daniel XXX:30 Quoted from American Scholar article, Summer 1966, "Thirty Years Later-Memories of the First American Writers' Congress," in Lead, "After Ideologies?" Aaronson, Terri XXIV:24 Her article, "A Tour of Vietnam," in March Environment discussed in Frontiers, "A Ravaged Land" Abbe, Pierre VII:18 Subject of Letter from England Abbey, Edward XI:2 His The Brave Cowboy reviewed in Review, "Did They Read the Manuscript?" XXIII:50 His Desert Solitaire discussed and quoted in Review, "I Can Tell You Where It Was" XXVI:17 His The Brave Cowboy quoted in Review, "The Qualities of Men" XXXIII:16 Quoted from Desert Solitaire in Editorial, "Notes On Simplicity" XXXIV:41 Quoted (from Growing Without Schooling) in Children, "Extracts" XXXVIII:21 Quoted "In Defense of Edward Abbey" by Wendell Berry from Whole Earth Review (Mar. 1985). Also quoted Desert Solitaire, in Children, "A Defense of Edward Abbey" Abbott, William L. XXXII:17 Quoted from March Progressive in Frontiers, "There Will Be Black Studies" Abbs, Peter (editor, Tract) XXVIII:21 His introductory note to The Black Rainbow quoted in Editorial, "A Time of Decision" XXIX:24 His quote of Freud's letter to Binswanger in Tract (16 and 17) used in Lead, "The Composition of Opposites" His Root and Blossom quoted in Children, "Cross-Section" XXX:45 His Proposal for a New College reviewed in "Processes and Goals" XXX:48 Quoted in re TV, from Tract 22, in Editorial "The Dominant Socializing Force" XXX:52 Proposal for a New College quoted in Children, "Two Semi-Utopian Places" XXXI:1 Proposal quoted in Lead, "Ways of Turning Around" XXXIV:44 Quoted re Tract in Review, "Hail and Farewell" (last issue of) XXXV:45 Quoted from English within the Arts in Children, "Despite Everything" XXXV:46 Cited in Children, "Teacher at Work" 1982 in Children re nuclear scientists Abdalla, Ismail-Sabri (Egyptian Director of Institute of National Planning in Cairo) XXX:11 Quoted from APSC study kit in Frontiers, "Some Uncommon Sense" Abel, Lionel XI:18 Quoted from his article (Winter '58) in Partisan Review, dealing with the nature of poetry in Frontiers "Total Poetry" XVI:22 Quoted from April 27 Nation in Lead, "Politics and the Moral Emotions" Abelard, Peter (12th Cent.) I:10 Since his time vigorous thought in West has been anti-dogmatic and anti-theological I:39 Persecuted for discussing Holy Trinity II:19 His questioning mind hunted, persecuted and hounded II:35 Brief reference to in Lead, "What Holds the World Together?" IV:45 Quoted in Lead, "Great Questions V" VI:28 Reference to in Lead, "An Educational Ideal" XXXII:12 Quoted in Lead, "A Consensus of Two" Abelson, Philip H. XXIX:50 Quoted from Oct. 15 Science in Frontiers, "Required Reading on Energy" Abernethy, Robert (Newscaster) XXVII:50 His question to humanist economist being interviewed, used in Lead, "The Dramatic Illustration" Abhay, Bang M. D. XXXVI:52 Ed. with Ashvin J. Patel, M.D. of Health Care – Which Way to Go discussed in Editorial, "Health Care" Abiding Point, The XXXVI:14 Editorial Abileah, Joseph XXXIV:14 Founder of Haifa Symphony Orchestra (violinist) quoted from IFOR Report interview by Jim Forest in Frontiers, "The Long Road" re his 1936 experience with Moslem group Ability to Perceive Wholes, The XXIX:22 Lead Abitare (Italian Magazine) XXXI:40 Marco Fini quoted from May issue in Frontiers, "Linked Awakenings" Ablos, David XXXVI:15 Quoted from Democracy Winter 1983 in Review, "The Gestation Is Over," re the Mexican in the city. 1 Abnormal Phenomenon, An XXIV:20 Editorial Abolition of War, The XIX:46 Review About America and Americans XXVII:9 Frontiers About Circumstances III:5 Editorial (Letter from a woman in Israel) About Establishments XXXIV:25 Frontiers re clever ads About Iran – Some Current History XXXIV:20 Review About Little Issues VIII:15 Frontiers (Raymond Rogers) About Metaphors XXVII:49 Review About Religion —Alfred Reynolds XXI:34 Frontiers About Stories XXVIII:47 Editorial Abraham, Willard XV:2 Quote in June Today's Health given in July 12, 1961 Education Summary and quoted in Children, "A 'Youth' Anthology" (from Jesse Kornbluth's Notes from the New Underground) Abramowitz, Isadore I:24 Review of his The Great Prisoners (Dutton, 1946) XI:43 Reference to and quotes from in Lead, "The Birth of an Epoch" Abrams, Charles XXII:28 His The City is the Frontier discussed and quoted in Review, "A Lost Cause?" XXIII:41 Mention of The City Is the Frontier in Lead, "Vision and Reform" XXVI:16 Quoted from The City Is .the Frontier in Frontiers, "Samplings of the Malaise" XXXVI:49 Quoted The City Is the Frontier in Lead, "Obstacles to Evolution" XXX:40 The City Is .the Frontier quoted in Lead, "The Facts of Life" XXXVIII:47 Quoted The City Is the Frontier (on FHA) in Lead, "The Story of Mankind" Abrams, Garry XXXVII:22 His interview in L.A. Times Jan. 13, 1984 with Joseph Campbell in Frontiers, "Convergences" Abrams, Mark IX:31 His Encounter article, "The Facts of Young Life" quoted in Children Abrams, Meyer Howard XXXIV:7 Quoted his compilation of Coleridge's statements from June 1979 Toward in Frontiers, "A Fiction of Science" Abroad, at Home, and Everywhere XXXIII:19 Frontiers Abt, John J. XXIV:13 His Who Has the Right To Make War? mentioned in Frontiers, "'Winds Out of Pandora's Box'" Abundance for What? — David Riesman XIX:9 Discussed and quoted in Review of same title Abuse of History, The XXIV:7 Lead Academic Clarity XXXI:16 Editorial Academic Freedom and Revolution — Robert Rein'l XXIII:23 Frontiers Academic Freedom in Our Times — Robert MacIver (Columbia University Press) IX:28 Reviewed by Paul Goodman in Lead, "The Duties of Free Men" Academy of Gandhian Studies (Publishers of Gandhi Vigyan, quarterly) XXXIII:14 Discussed its ideas and work in Editorial, "The Only Hope" Acceptable Worship VI:15 Lead Acceptance of Mysteries XXXV:7 Editorial re character, cultural health Access for Peace-Makers XIX:26 Lead Access to Land XXI:51 Editorial Access to Sacralization XXV:3 Lead Access to Things Going On XXX:17 Frontiers "'Accidental' Obliteration" XVI:10 Review Accessible Remedies, The XXIII:46 Lead Accompaniments of Nationalism VII:12 Review (American Nationalist—hate sheet) According to Rules XXI:30 Editorial Accumulating Incentive . . . , An XXXIV:1 Frontiers Accumulating Pressures XXXVI:8 Frontiers (Worldwatch Paper #48) Accustoming Ourselves to Thinking XLI:51 Review Acharlu, K. S. (ed. of Gandhi Vigyan) XX:48 His translation of Vinoba's educational thought text of 3-part Children, "Essence of Basic Education" XX:49 Part II XX:50 Part III XXXI:15 Opening editorial of Gandhi Vigyan quoted in Lead, "Heroism or Common Sense?" XXXIII:15 Quoted from his article in Gandhi Vigyan on Vinoba's Thoughts on Education in Editorial, "The Only Hope" XXXIII:15 Quoted from Gandhi Vigyan on Vinoba's Thoughts on Education in Editorial, "The Only Hope" Abstract Concession, An XXI:25 Frontiers 2 Acharlu, K. S.—(Continued) XXXIV:45 Quoted Gandhi Vigyan Jan. 1981 (historical note) in Children XXXVIII:51 Quoted from Gandhi Marg, June 1985, in Children, "Who Should Control Education?" XXXIX:4 The Story of Mahatma Gandhi reviewed in "A Life of Gandhi" XXXIX:15 Quoted from Gandhi Marg, June 1985, re Indian teachers in Lead, "The Writer" Achievement of Our Age? XXXIII:4 Review Achieving "Emotional Maturity" XVII:42 Review Ack, Dr. Marvin XXII:39 Quoted from Summer Menninger Quarterly in Children, "Kinds of Irrationality" Ackerman, Nathan XXVII:51 Quoted from foreword to Burrow's Preconscious Foundations of Human Experience in Frontiers, "Trigant Burrow— Pioneer Psychologist" Ackland, Len XXV:49 Credibility Gap—a Digest of the Pentagon Papers (which he compiled) quoted from in Lead, "Have 'Nations' Any Future?" Ackley, Gardner XVI:11 Quoted on European economies in Lead, "Moral Man and Amoral Society" Acland, Richard (Sr. Bart.) VIII:16 Waging Peace (by Acland and others) discussed in Frontiers, "A Brave Proposal" VIII:17 Discussed in Letter from England VIII:21 Reference to in Letter from England XXVIII:43 His The Next Step reviewed in "A New Spirit in Socialism" ACLU (See American Civil Liberties Union) Acorn (bi-monthly issued by Midwest Energy Alternatives Network, Governors State University, Park Forest South, Ill. 60466) XXIX:23 Editorial announcement and writer, John Martin, quoted in Lead, "The Human Dilemma" XXXI:5 Allen Jedlicka quoted from Oct. 1977 issue in Frontiers, "Changes and the Obstacles to Change" XXXII:24 Walter Goldschmidt quoted from Dec-Jan 1978-79, issue in Review, "A Few Encouragements" Acorn People, The — Ron Jones (Zephyros, 1201 Stanyan St., San Francisco 94117, $12.50) XXX:13 Reviewed in Children, "Acorns Galore" Acquirement of Individuality, The XVII:22 Lead mentioning Milton Mayer, A. H . Maslow, David Riesman, "Third Force" Across National Barriers — Ed Lazar XVI:3 Lead Across the Plains —Robert Louis Stevenson XXVIII:53 Quoted in Review "The Need for Roots" XXXVI:3 Quoted in Children, "Miscellany" (right and wrong) Act of a Man, The VI:42 Editorial Act of Brotherhood XXXVI:25 Editorial (TreePeople) Act of Creation, The — Arthur Koestler XIX:27 Quoted in Editorial, "Boycott for Cause" Act of Murder, An II:7 Review of this Frederic March movie Act of Peace, An — Robert Jay Wolff XXIV:22 Frontiers Act of Rescue XXXI:19 Frontiers Acta Psychotherapeutica II:37-88—Dr. Hans Syz (1963) XX:35 Quoted in Lead, "The Fall" Acting Out— Roland Betts (Little, Brown, 1978, $8.95) XXXI:42 Quoted from as well as John Holt's Introduction to in Children, "We Are In the Dark Ages" Action for Peace XV:40 Frontiers (composed of two articles, one by Richard Groff and second by Beverly Henry) Action for Peace, Freedom and Community— Robert Swann XVII:1 Lead Action or Growth? XXXIV:10 Review Active "Pacifism" XII:2 Review Jim Peck's We Who Would Not Kill Activist (student publication of Oberlin College) XV:21 Tom Hayden quoted from Spring, 1962 issue in Lead, "The Reconstruction of Reality" XVI:6 Ethan Geto quoted from Fall, 1962 issue in Children, "The Students' Right to Read" XVI:32 Winter issue quoted in Children, "Notes from the Radicals" Activity and Experience —Lydia A. H. Smith (Agathon, 1976, $12.00) XXIX:36 Quoted in Children, "What Schools Can and Can't Do" Acton, Lord (John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, First Baron Acton) II:19 Quoted by Paul McGuire in There's Freedom for the Brave II:44 Review of his Essays—"Power and Corruption"—Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. III:18 Brief quotation from in Letter from England VI:36 Quoted in Lead, "Civilizing Agencies" Acts of Commitment XVIII:20 Editorial on the acts of Alice Herz, Les Stern, Horace Champney, Vo Thanh Minh Acts of Creation XXX:44 Editorial Acts of Faith XVIII:11 Editorial Acts of Individuals, The XXXVII:13 Lead (History) Acts of Love XXIX:46 Review 3 Acts for Peace —Group in Berkeley, Calif. XIII:37 Current reproduction of N.Y. Times Magazine article quoted in Children, "Education About War" XIII:44 Their paper Penny Pages for Peace quoted in Children, "Counsel for Old. . . and Young" XIV:23 Their "Discussion Outline" quoted from in Children, "Correspondence and Notes" XIV:34 Charles E. Osgood's paper, How We Might Win the Hot War and Lose the Cold quoted in Review, "The Partisan Pathology" Adam of the Road — Elizabeth Janet Gray (Viking Press) XXII:44 Discussed and quoted from in Children, "The Oaken Heart of England" Adam of Saint-Victor (mystical poet of Middle Ages) II:19 Poem quoted in "The Moral Law" (Review) to show difference between him and Peter Abelard IV:45 Quoted in Lead, "Great Questions V" V:51 Quoted in Lead, "Fear of the Mind" IX:44 Quoted in Lead, "Religion and Philosophy" — doggerel verse XVIII:24 Poem quoted in Lead, "Systems and the Man" XXXI:17 Poem quoted in Editorial, "Tides of Becoming" XXIII.12 Poem quoted in Lead, "Teaching and Healing" XXXVI:10 Quoted (Of the Trinity . . .) in Lead, "What Do I Fear Myself?" Adamic, Louis I:8 Dynamite mentioned in Review, "Minority Men" I:9 Two-Way Passage suggested ways of reeducating Germans after World War II I:20 The Native's Return mentioned in connection with review of St. John book The Silent People Speak II:13 My America and Dynamite recommended in Children II:24 Reference to his books in review of Kinfolk and Death of a Salesman III:5 Quotations from My America on Black Mountain College III:34 Reference to his magazine Common Ground in Children III:45 Reference to Native's Return in Lead, "The Roots of Conviction" IV:5 Reference to his Dynamite in Frontiers, "Partisans All" XIII:36 Quote from My America in Children, "Friendship Day Camp" XXI:28 Quote from My America on Black Mountain in Children, "The Lost Humanities" Adamov, Arthur XV:32 Martin Esslin's summary in Theatre of the Absurd of his paper, quoted in Editorial, "Beyond Absurdity" Adams, Frank XXXI:20 Adams, Franklin P. VII:3 Adams, Henry V:18 V:32 XI:53 XIV:10 XXIII:9 XXVII Adams, Howard XXI:35 Account of his cobbler shop as educational center quoted from Radical Teacher (July, 1977) in Frontiers, "The Progressive South" Poem, "The Poltroon" quoted from his column, "The Conning Tower," in Children Poem of Alain of Lille quoted by him in Mont-Saint Michel and Chartres, in Lead, "Type Casting" Quoted briefly in Editorial, "Man and Nature" (The only true cause is God. Creation is His Sole act. . .) Quoted his Mont-Saint Michel in Review "Religion, Sin and the Animals" Mont-Saint Michael . . . briefly quoted in Lead, "The World On Your Shoulders" Quoted from Mont-Saint Michel in Frontiers, "Emerson's Vast Unofficialdom" Quoted from The Education of Henry Adams in Children, "Four Wise Men" H. H. Walsh's Foreword to Adams' The Education of Canadians in Children, "History of an Aberration" Adams, James Truslow I:3, II:6 Reference to his Epic of America in "The American Heritage" XXIII:4 Quoted from his Epic of America in Lead, "The American Dream" Adams, Jane XXXV:37 Discussed her social feminism from Jean Bethke Elshtain's article Democracy, April; 1982 in Frontiers, "The Nurturers of Life" XXXVI:52 Briefly noted on decision to help mankind in Lead, "The Men and the Boys" Adams, John III:37 Quoted briefly in Lead, "American Culture" XXV:2 Quoted from letter to Hezekiah Niles in Lead, "How Men Think" XXVII:21 Quoted from letter to Hezekiah Niles in Editorial, "Questions Without Answers" XXVIII:46 Correspondence with Hezekiah Niles on Revolution quoted in Lead, "Retrospect and Prospect" XXIX:8 Quote from The American Testament by Mortimer Adler and Wm. Gorman in Editorial, "One Change for the Better" Adams, Patricia XXXVIII:18 (with Lawrence Solomon) In the Name of Progress used as basis for Editorial, "What Is Really Wrong?" XXXVIII:38 Quoted in Lead, "Words and Myth" (the illusions of Foreign Aid) XXXVIII:41 Quoted on population and farming methods in Lead, "A Nurturing Activity" XXXVIII:41 Reviewed, quoted In the Name of Progress 4 Adams, Dr. Raymond (U. of N. Carolina English Professor) IX:29 His Phi Beta Kappa Banquet Address at Chapel Hill quoted Dante's Convivo, in Lead, "The League of Anxious Men" Adams, Robert Martin XXXI:45 Quoted from in Spring '78 Hudson Review in Review, "Signposts of Change" XXXVIII:38 Quoted, March 31, 1985 NY Times Book Review on false euphemisms in Lead, "Words and Myth" Adams, Samuel Hopkins VI:26 Quote from his Sunrise to Sunset in Lead, "An Unpopular Analysis" Adams, Thomas Boylston XXIX:10 Quoted from Fall 1974 or Winter 1975 Daedalus in Children, "Something Not Yet Tried" Adamson, Joy XV:19 William Percy's preface to and text of her Born Free quoted in Children, "Education Transcending 'Savagery'" Sir Julian Huxley's introduction to her sequel, Living Free, quoted same place. Adapting Universities to a Technological Society — Eric Ashby (Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 1974, $8.95) XXVIII:3 Discussed and quoted in Children, "Mostly Compliant" Add Mournful Notes IX:22 Editorial (subscriber had to discontinue reading MANAS, made her think too much) Addams, Jane XXIV:38 Quoted on pacifists in Lead, "The Far Horizon" Addiction: Various Sorts XXVII:43 Frontiers Addressed to Christians XI:47 Editorial (quoting from Johnny Purple by John Wyllis) Addressed to Christians —Floyd H. Hoss (Harper, 1950) IV:45 Discussed in Lead, "Some Admirable Heretics" Adelman, Leonard XXX:3 Quoted from Oct. 22, 1976 Science in Lead, "Reflections About Moral Decision" Adelman, M. A. XXVI:41 Quoted from Sept. Atlantic in Frontiers, "Ill Fares the Land" Adelphi, The (English quarterly founded by John Middleton Murry) II:24 Quoted in editorial "The Hungry Hide" (Hunger in Berlin) Adelson, Dr. Joseph XV:12 Quoted from Dr. Nevitt Sanford's book, The American College, in Children, "For Parents of the College-Bound XXIX:11 His review of Moral Development quoted from Dec. 26, 1975 Science in Lead, "What Is 'Morality'?" Adenauer, Dr. Herr III:13 Reference to in Letter from Germany Adequate, Clean, Available XXIX:35 Frontiers Adgate, Andrew I:30 Trained voices, organized Uranian Academy in Philadelphia. He and Noah Webster interested in music. Ad Hoc Committee XVII:24 Send to for copies of "The Triple Revolution" – 1120 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. Adler, Alfred VIII:10 Discussed with Freud & Jung in Lead, "Religion as Meaning" XXV:11 Quoted from Feb. Atlantic in Frontiers, "A Comment on ESP" Adler, Felix (Founder of Ethical Movement) IV:12 Reference to in "New Ideas at Work" Quote from article Adler, Dr. Mortimer (University of Chicago) II:4 Reference to in Lead, "The Meaning of World Revolution" (Ed MacLean) VI:1 Interview published in U.S. News and World Report quoted in Frontiers, "Fighting Words" XXIX:8 John Adams' words quoted from his The American Testament in Editorial, "One Change for the Better" XXXVIII:13 The Paideia Proposal quoted in Children, "Can There Be a Paideia in America?" Adler, Nathan XXIV:7 His article first appearing in Psychiatry (Nov. '68) quoted from Jan. 11 National Observer in Lead, "The Abuse of History" Administrative Omnipotence XXVI:49 Editorial Administrator, The XIX:21 Editorial Admirable As He Is XXVIII:26-35 Lead (Wendell Berry's review of All God's Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw) Admirable Bishop, The III:39 Editorial Admirable Failure, An V:27 Review "We Fished All Night" Adobe—Build It Yourself – Paul Graham McHenry (University of Arizona, 1986) XXXIX:50 Reviewed, quoted in "Uses of the Earth" Adorno VIII:38 Brief quote from his The Authoritarian Personality in Lead, "The New Study of Motives" Adult Education in Transition —Burton Clark (U. of Calif. Press, 1958) XVIII:22 Quoted in Children Adult Education Movement in the United States, The – Malcolm S. Knowles (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1962) XVIII:28 Quoted in Children Adult Learning Is Necessary (Prepared by Royal Bank of Canada, 1963) XVII:17 Quoted in Children, "Adult Education—Fact and Theory" 5 Advance to Barbarism II:13 "A Jurist" (Thomson and Smith) Review (together with The Testament of Christian Civilization) II:13 Reference to in Editorial, "Impartial Judge" Advance Notice IV:11 Editorial Advances in Parapsychological Research – Stanley Krippner, ed. (McFarland & Co., 1986) XXXIX:16 Reviewed, quoted introduction by Evan Harris Walker in Review, "Extra-Sensory Perception" Adventure and Schoolteaching III:39 Review - Jess Stuart—The Thread That Runs So True Adventure in Geometry, An —Anthony Revielli (Viking, 1957) XXIII:5 Quote from in Children, "Life Geometrizes" XXVII:47 Quotation from in Children, "Minute Harmonies" XXXVII:11 Quoted in Children, "Adventures in Geometry" Adventure in Learning —Sybil Marshall XVI:28 Comments of reviewer quoted from April 5 Peace News in Children, "Notes and Quotes" Adventure Story XXXII:1 Review Adventurers, The VI:16 Lead Adventures in Immortality – George Gallup (1981) XXXVIII:43 Noted that 23 per cent of population in U.S. believe in reincarnation, Lead, "A Cumulative Force" Adventures in Botany XXXIX:9 Review Adventures of a Bystander – Peter Drucker (Harper & Row, 1970) XXXV:46 Reviewed quoted in "Peter Drucker's Career" Adventures of the Mind — Dr. Arturo Castiglioni, 1946 I:4 Quoted XXXV:49 Quotations re his early teachers in Children, "Teacher-Watchers Report" Adversaries, The — Dr. William Rivers (Beacon, 1970) XXIV:14 Quoted in Frontiers, "Government and the Press" and in Editorial, "Decisions About 'News'" XXIV:18 Quote from in Children, "Miscellany" Adversary In the House — Irving Stone (Doubleday, 1947) I:8 Review Advice to Readers XXXVII:25 Editorial (Horace Alexander's book on Gandhi) Advocates of Change, The XXVII:10 Frontiers Advocates of Common Sense XXIX:50 Editorial A.E. (Irish poet - Russell) XXXII:23 Quoted from Less Is More in Review, "On Affordable Reforms" Aeneid – Virgil (1952 Anchor paperback, translated by Day Lewis) XXXVII:15 Discussed quoted on reincarnation in Review, "Montaigne on the Road" Aeschylus XXVI:39 XXXIII:12 XXXIX:12 Quotation from Prometheus Bound in Lead, "Men and Gods" Mentioned in Children, "Direct Experience of Alternatives" on Prometheus Bound Quoted Prometheus Bound re tragedy of man in Lead, "The Role of Imagination" AESOP'S Team XXI:43 Editorial Aesthetic Education (see Journal of Aesthetic Education) XXXVIII:14 Oct. 1969 issue; quoted Robert McClintock on Ortega in Lead, "Better Solutions Than Ours" Aesthetic Experiences —Andras Angyal XVII:39 Frontiers Aesthetics and the Gestalt —Ian Rawlins (Nelson, 1953) XXI:3 Quoted in Children, "Notes and Comment" Affair of Dishonor, An —Louis Brennan IX:43 Reviewed briefly in "Notes on Novels" Affirmation on Freedom I:47 Lead, "No Such Thing as Political Freedom"—(it has to be an individual moral problem) I:52 Lead "Answers to Thrasymachus," answer to correspondent's comments on "Affirmation on Freedom" Affirmation of Immortality, The — John Haynes Holmes (Ingersoll Lecture, Macmillan) I:18 Reviewed with Puzzled People XIII:47 Quoted in Lead, "Self-Deception's Strange Fruit" XXIV:15 Quote from in Lead, "Some Ancient Questions" XXVII:53 Quoted in Frontiers, "At Time of Death" XXXIII:45 Quoted in Lead, "A Pivotal Inquiry" XXXVIII:43 Quoted Palmer on death of his wife in Lead, "A Cumulative Force" XLI:11 Quoted in Lead, "A Foray of Faith" Affirmations, Questions, Denials XIX:42 Lead Affirmative "Negativism" XIX:4 Editorial Affirmative Thinking II:4 Editorial—based on Ed MacLean's lead article, "The Meaning of World Revolution" Affluent Society, The — John K. Galbraith XI:36 Summarized by reviewer Carl Auerbach in the Progressive and quoted from in Lead, "The Way the World Is" Africa , Dr. Thomas W. 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XIX:30 Lead After Life in Roman Paganism —Franz Cumont XX:43 Quote from in Reincarnation in World Thought used in Review, "Exit the Antiquarians" After Prisons—What? XXVIII:36 Frontiers After Reading the Papers XXIX:51 Frontiers After the Age of Revolution XXX:8 Lead After the Revolution —Robert A. Dah (Yale University Press, 1971) XXIV:38 Discussed and quoted from in Review, "The Meaning of Democracy" XXIV:42 Quote from in Lead, "Some Thoughts About Planning" After the U.C. 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Anatomy of Knowledge, The – edited by Marjorie Grene (University of Massachusetts Press, 1969) XXIV:36 Quote from Introduction to in Lead, "The Question of 'Proof'" Quotes also from essays by Marjorie Grene, Sigmund Koch, Michael Polanyi XXIX:48 Michael Polanyi's paper, "Structure of Consciousness," quoted from in Lead, "Hidden Identities" Anatomy of Marxism XXXIII:7 Editorial Anatomy of a Myth X:2 Frontiers (Tokyo Rose) Anatomy of Nature, The – Andreas Feininger (Crown, 1956) XXIV:15 Quotes from in Children, "Pictures by Feininger" Anatomy of Political Evil XXII:49 Review Anatomy of Reality XXXVII:3 Reviewed, quoted in "A Mirror and Magnifier" XXXVII:22 Quoted on imagination in Children, "Education of Imagination" "Anatomy" of the Self XVI:28 Editorial Anatomy of Understanding, The XIX:27 Lead Anaxagoras II:47 Socrates had an early enthusiasm for but later revised opinion Anaximander (Milesian school of Greek philosophy) I:33 Reference to his God-idea in review of Wendell Thomas' On the Resolution of Science and Faith "Ancestor" or Humanistic Psychology, An XXIII:40 Frontiers 27 Ancestors of Man, The I:39 Frontiers (Apes, Giants and Man, Franz Weidenreich; Henry Fairfield Osborn; Julian Huxley) Anchor Books (Doubleday series) VI:35 Given plug in Editorial, "Worthy Ventures" Anchor Review XII:33 John Lukacs quoted from in Lead, "Crossroads for Democracy" XII:35 John Lukacs again quoted in Lead, "No Issue" Ancient Americans XXII:44 Review Ancient Becomes the Modern, The XXX:7 Review Ancient Civilizations of the Andes – Philip Ainsworth XXV:12 Brief quotation from in Editorial, "The Inviolability of 'X'" XXV:52 Quoted in Lead, (x-factor in human beings) Ancient Egyptian Religion – H. Frankfort (Columbia University Press, 1948) I:39 Reviewed in "The Gods of Egypt" II:42 Quotation from in review (Frontiers) of Tibetan Book of the Dead XVIII:1 Quoted in Lead, "The Sacred Bonds" XX:14 Quoted in Lead, "The Measure of Progress" XXIX:37 Quoted in Lead, "Extra-Territorial Perspective" XXXII:9 Quoted in Lead, "A Project of Wondering" Ancient Esperanto? IV:14 Frontiers Ancient Greeks, The XXXV:47 Review (various books on Greece, old and new) Ancient Irrigators XXXVII:48 Frontiers (Libya) Ancient Life in the American Southwest – Edgar L. Hewett (BobbsMerrill, 1930) XX:42 Quoted in Lead, "Toward an Unmanaged Future" XXII:42 Quoted in Children, "Accessible 'New' History" XXVII:16 Quoted from in Lead, "Awareness In America" XXIX:3 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Ring of Truth" XXIX:21 Quoted in Review, "Historic Aberration" XXXI:3 Quoted in Review, "The Anarchists of Spain" Ancient Question, An XXXIX:13 Lead (Moral law) Ancient Religion IX:5 Editorial And Another Thing – Howard Spring V:28 Quotation from in Review of The Houses in Between And Even If You Do – Joseph Wood Krutch (William Morrow, $6.50) XX:46 Discussed and quoted in Review, "An Independent Mind" Also quoted in Editorial, "A Note by Picasso" And Gazelles Leaping V:43 Mentioned in Review, ". . . and Heaven, too" IX:18 Review And Madly Teach – Mortimer Smith VII:51 Reference to in Children And May God Have Mercy . . . The Case Against Capital Punishment – Eugene Block XVII:16 Quoted in Review, "A Study of the Death Penalty" And Now Miguel – Joseph Krumgold VII:29 Reviewed in Children And Save Them for Pallbearers – James Garrett XI:51 Reviewed, "War and the Image of the Hero" . . . And So Proud – George Yamada IX:35 Frontiers And Wait for the Night – John William Corrington XIX:13 Long quote from in Frontiers, "'Speak Truth to Power'" XXXIII:37 Mentioned in Lead, "Irreducible Vision" Andersen, Hans Christian V:42 Review "The Quest for Living" V:43 Children VI:4 Children Anderson, Alfred and Dorothy (Cherry Ct., Ukiah, CA 95482, #10) XXXIV:39 Quoted letter in Community Service Newsletter May/June 1981 (re decentralization) in Frontiers, "Questions of the Times" Anderson, Camilla M. X:49 Her Beyond Freud quoted in Review, "What's Wrong With Morality?" Anderson, Edgar XVI:46 Quoted from Autumn 1963 Landscape in Editorial, "Weekend Pantheism?" XXIII:44 His story of Soviet biologist, N. I. Vavilov, quoted from Plants, Man and Life in Lead, "Vision and Vulgarization" XXXII:8 Bob Callahan's review of A Geographical Sketch of Early Man in "West Coast America" XXXIII:25 His Landscape Papers reviewed in "Cliches and Bulldozers" and in Review XXXII:47 Discussed Landscape Papers in Editorial, "Community Honor Roll" Anderson, Henry XVIII:14 Quoted from Feb. Liberation in Lead, "The Obscure Alliance" XVIII:17 Quoted from Liberation in Lead, "A Society Worth Having" XIX:46 His KPFA commentary text of Lead, "The Case Against the Drug Culture" Also one sentence quote in Editorial, "Openings and Births" XX:3 Quoted in Frontiers, "Concerning Arguments About LSD" XX:8 His KPFA broadcast text of Lead, "The War on Alienation XX:23 Quoted in Frontiers, "Response to 'Community'" 28 Anderson, Henry—(Continued) XX:29 KPFA broadcast subject of Frontiers, "We, Too, Deserve to Be Free" XXI:3 Wrote Lead, "Toward a Sociology of Being" XXI:11 Briefly quoted in Editorial, "The Objectivity We Need" Wrote Frontiers, "The Sickness Unto Death" XXI:15 Quoted from March 15 Peace News in Editorial, "Education and Peace" XXII:18 Wrote Lead, "Grounds For Not Giving Up" XXIII:13 Wrote Lead, "The Nature of Human Nature, Part I: Sympathetic Interaction" XXIII:14 "Part II: Symbolic Interaction" – Lead XXIII:15 "Part III: The Need to Judge" – Frontiers XXIII:18 Wrote Lead, "The Denaturization of Human Nature" XXIV:13 His So Shall Ye Reap (co-author, Joan London) discussed and quoted in Review "What Couldn't Happen—But Did" XXIV:52 Wrote Frontiers, "The Longing for Belonging" XXVI:24 His contribution to Conflict and Consensus quoted in Lead, "The Uses of Sociology" XXXIV:21 Quoted from MANAS (May 6, 1970) 5 books re "Ape" belief, in Lead, "One Kind of Change" XXXVII:7 Quoted above in Review, "Truth in Myth" ("The Denaturalization of Human Nature") Anderson, Jack XXXIX:20 Quoted his column on training dolphins for war from Not Man Apart, July/Aug. 1984 in Frontiers, "Unpleasant Realities" Anderson, Kate (teacher at Mariposa School) XXX:10 Quoted on conditions at school by Vicki Allen in Oct. 21 Mendocino Grapevine in Children, "Mountain School" Anderson, Maxwell IV:24 Review of his Off Broadway – "Phoenix of the Arts" V:41 Quotations from Barefoot in Athens in Children VII:20 Brief quote in Children to effect that play has to "take an attitude toward the world" VII:29 Long quotations from Off Broadway in Frontiers, "Among the Optimistic Thinkers" XI:38 Off Broadway quoted in Review, "Philosophy and Drama" XVII:7 Off Broadway quoted in Frontiers, "What Perspective Are 'New'?" XVIII:44 Off Broadway quoted in Review, "The Author As Philosopher" XXVI:19 Off Broadway quoted in Lead, "From the Beginning" XXX:49 Comment on poetry quoted from Off Broadway in Children, "More On the Arts" Anderson, Quentin XXIX:45 Quoted on Emerson from Summer American Scholar in Lead, "Outside—Looking Back" Anderson, Roy XL:17 Anderson, Sherwood XIV:40 Anderson, Susan XXIX:19 Anderson, Walt XXVIII:5 XXX:14 Anderson, Walter, ed. XXVII:16 A business man's paper on "changes" and "changing," Lead, "No Easy Answers" A letter of his to Theodore Dreiser in 1938 taken from Viking's Portable Sherwood Anderson given in Harry Ditzler's Lead article, "A Mind-to-Mind Community" Quoted on work of Larry Dye from Feb. 10 Paris Tribune in Children, "Paying Attention to Children" Quoted from Fall 1974 Journal of Humanistic Psychology in Review, "The Therapy of Pragmatists" His A Place of Power: The American Episode in Human Evolution reviewed in "Getting To Know Better" Quoted his introduction to Rethining Liberalism in Review, "Conflicting Trends" Andersonville Trial, The – Saul Levitt XIII:19 Brief quote of Tom Driver's review of in Christian Century, Feb. 3, in Review, "'The War Lover'" Ando, Prof. Shoei XXVI:20 Quoted from Zen and American Transcendentalism in Lead, "The Terms of Self-Knowledge" Andrew, Fred XXVI:13 Quoted from March "Society" issue of Saturday Review on Farming Methods in Lead, "The Paramount Laws" Andrews, Bert II:24 His Washington Witch Hunt quoted in "Loyalty Among Government Employees" in Lead, "Men and Idea Systems" Andrews, C. F. III:16 Quote from letter from Gandhi to him in Editorial, "Love of Country" Angel Inside Went Sour, The – Dr. Esther Rothman (David McKay, 1971, Bantam) XXV:17 Discussed and quoted in Lead, "School and Society" XXV:18 Discussed and quoted in Children, "A School in Brooklyn" XXVII:16 Quote from in Lead, "Awareness In America" XXIX:19 Quoted in Children, "Paying Attention to Children" XLI:2 Quoted in Children, "A School in New York" Angelina, Sister (nun) XXXIII:12 Quoted from her letter in The Ecologist (Nov.-Dec. 1979) in Lead, "Grounds for Suspicion" Angell, Norman I:33 The Public Mind quoted in Letter from England 29 Angell, Norman—(Continued) V:31 Quotation from his Peace and the Plain Man in Lead, "Rehearsal for Ragnarok" XI:25 His The Great Illusion referred to in Editorial, "'Rational Pacifism'?" XV:51 Peace and the Plain Man quoted in Lead, "Politics, Religion, and the Agnostic Spirit" XVI:22 Peace and the Plain Man quoted in Editorial, "Captives of 'War Morality'?" XXX:39 The Great Illusion quoted in Lead, "A Designer's Approach" Angelou, Maya XXXVI:38 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (education of black children) in Lead, "Servile Education in America" Anger and the Pain, The XIV:23 Lead Anger Without An Object X:43 Lead Angolite, The (pub. by inmates of Louisiana State Penitentiary) XIX:43 Paul Salstrom quotes Neil Pettry from in Frontiers, "Behind 'Pen-Pals for Prisoners'" Angry Utopians IV:37 Review (The High Place, Geoffrey Household) Angus, Douglas XIV:19 His The Ivy Trap quoted from in Review, "'Cultural Criticism' in Recent Novels" XIV:31 The Ivy Trap briefly quoted in Review, "A Critic Writes" Angus, Sylvia XXI:16 Her article on ideas of Marshall McLuhan quoted from Mar. 16 Saturday Review in Review, "The Stringed Lute" Angyal, Dr. Andras XVII:39 His article from Fall 1962 Journal of Humanistic Psychology reprinted as Frontiers, "Aesthetic Experiences" XXIX:10 His Neurosis and Treatment—A Holistic Theory reviewed in "Understanding Neurosis" XXIX:11 Neurosis. . . quoted in Lead, "What Is 'Morality'?" XXIX:22 Neurosis. . . quoted in Lead, "The Ability to Perceive Wholes" XXIX:23 Neurosis. . . mentioned in Review, "Disconnected Musings on Publishing" Animal Inn – Virginia Moe (Houghton Mifflin, 1946) VIII:11 Discussed in Children Animal Machines XVII:53 Quoted in Frontiers article of same title Animal Machines XVII:53 Frontiers Animal Treasure – Ivan T. Sanderson VI:51 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Race That Never Ran" Animism, Not Pantheism XIII:4 Editorial Anna and the King of Siam VIII:18 Reference to in article on the real King Mongkut Anna Karenina and Other Essays –F. R. Leavis (Pantheon, $5.95) XXI:32 Discussed and quoted in Review, "A Responsible Reader" XXXIII:39 Quote from in Lead, "No Simple Statement" Annals (pub. of American Academy of Political and Social Science) XIX:15 Dr. Eugene Carson Blake quoted from Jan. issue in Lead, "Images and Iconoclasts" Also quoted in Editorial, "Philosophy and Conduct" XXVII:15 Walter Weisskopf quoted from Sept. 1973 issue in Lead, "Old Rationalism for New" XXXIII:39 Quoted in Lead, "No Simple Statement" Annals of Earth Stewardship – Nancy Todd (10 Shanks Rd., Falmouth, Mass. 02540) XXXVI:48 Quoted in Lead, "Healing Ourselves"; also quoted Nancy Todd from Vol. 1 XXXVII:14 Quoted Nancy Todd re New Alchemy Inst. and William Irwin Thompson article on psycho-social overview of current changes in Frontiers, "Patterns of Sustainability"; also Sherrill B. Smith, Jr. (all from first issue) XXXVII:24 Quoted Vol. II, No. 1, Nancy Todd on New Alchemy Inst. in Children, "Places to Go" XXXVII:37 First issues, 1984, quoted article by Baldwin, failures of technologies which lack support systems in Frontiers XXXVII:49 Vol. II, No. 2 Donella Meadows, John Todd, Vernon Ruttan, in Frontiers, "Bioregional Development" XXXIX:38 No. 1, Vol. IV, Bill McLarney on importing tropical fish, in Frontiers, "Trees and Tropical Fish" XXXIX:49 No. 2, Vol. IV John and Nancy Todd on the trimaran and research vessel in Children, "A Radical Proposal" XL:14 Jane Sorenson re founding of New Alchemy, from No. 3, in Lead, "Analysis and Synthesis" XLI:17 Nancy Todd, Keven MacLean, Wes Jackson, Vol. V, No. 3, in Lead, "A Thousand Year Journey" XLI:52 Nancy Todd on stone structures hidden in woods near Falmouth in Frontiers, "Looking Ahead" Annals of Innocence and Experience – Herbert Read XXIX:45 His quote from Coleridge in, used in Children, "A Sad Story" Annan, Noel V:2 Discussion of his Leslie Stephen in "Letter from England" XVI:28 Quoted from April Encounter on Herbert Butterfield's Lindsay Memorial Lectures of 1962 in Children, "Notes and Quotes" XXVII:44 Quoted on Carlyle from June 27 New York Review of Books in Lead, "What Sort of Awakening?" 30 Annan, Noel—(Continued) XXXII:4 Quoted on Carlyle from June 1974 New York Review of Books in Lead, "A Place Created" XXXVII:13 Quoted NY Review on Carlyle's view of history in Lead, "The Acts of Individuals" Annixter, Paul V:31 Reference to his Swiftwater in Children Announcement XXXIV:41 Editorial (Literature available on CO's, Schumacher, etc.) Anon Save, Anon Damn XXXII:50 Frontiers Another "Book for Our Time" XV:50 Review Another Conversation XV:7 Frontiers Another "Cradle of the Race" V:6 Frontiers Another Douglas Travelogue XVI:3 Review Another "Failure of Nerve"? XVII:45 Frontiers Another "Gandhian" Western IX:50 Review Another Gloomy Dane XXI:26 Review Another Great Prisoner II:20 Review – "Out of Exile" – Soetan Sjahrir Another Kind of Evolution XIII:35 Lead Another Kind of Frontier XXXII:19 Frontiers Another Kind of Progress XXI:7 Review Another Language XXVII:45 Lead Another Leopold Book XLI:38 Editorial Another Letter on "The East" VII:46 Editorial (See also "Letter from Moscow") VII:50 Lead, "Impartiality is the Issue" Another Life IV:7 Lead Another New Publisher XXX:14 Frontiers Another Schell Book XXXVII:24 Review ("Reflections," New Yorker) Another Sort of American Dream XL:38 Frontiers Another "Strunk and White" – Wm. Mathes XVII:19 Review Another Time Around XXIX:46 Editorial Another Turning-Point? XXXI:51 Editorial Another Way XXXIV:36 Frontiers (affecting the thinking of people) Another World IV:43 Lead Another "World Perspective" IX:41 Review (The Transformations of Man – Lewis Mumford) Another World View XXVI:36 Lead Anouilh, Jean XIII:23 Featured quotations from The Fighting Cock, Dec. 20, 1959 N.Y. Times Magazine quoted in Frontiers, "Fighting Words" Anshen, Dr. Ruth Nanda IX:7 Introduction to Radhakrishnan's Recovery of Faith (by Ashen) IX:41 Editor of "World Perspective" series— mentioned in Review of Mumford's The Transformations of Man, "Another 'World Perspective'" X:43 Quoted from her article in June Mankind on the need of the humanist to reconsider their orientation in respect to man in Lead, "Two Human Situations" X:43 Quoted in Lead, "Institutions and Symbols" for "Our Emergent Civilization" in Montague's The Future of Theism X:43 Reference to in Editorial, "The True Religion" XII:43 Her foreword to Rene Dubos' Mirage of Health quoted in Review of that title XVI:19 Her introductory essay for "The Credo Series" quoted in Review of that title XVI:50 Her introductory essay for The Family: Its Function and Destiny quoted in Children, "Perspectives on 'The Family'" XXII:51 Her introductory to Credo Series book, The Redemption of the Robot by Herbert Read, quoted in Editorial, "Back to Plato" XXIX:40 Quoted in ref to Copernicus from Nature of Scientific Discovery, in Lead, "Science and Consciousness" XXXIV:2 Her introduction to Perspectives in Humanism series quoted in Lead, "At the Foot of the Mountain" Anspacher, Louis K. I:23 His Challenge of the Unknown deals with "damned facts" ignored by psychiatry Answer from Limbo, An – Brian Moore XVII:4 Quoted in Frontiers, "Of Writers and Directors" Answers to Questions About "Fall Out" X:27 Frontiers Answers to Thrasymachus I:52 Lead—on complaint against "Affirmation on Freedom" Antaeus Report (Center for Study of Education Society, Wesleyan University) XL:12 Quoted interview with Henry Steele Commager in Children, "Important Questions" XL:22 Fall 1986 issue, Neil Postman on "Future Schlock" in Children, " Neil Postman On Everything" 31 Anthology of Religion XXXI:21 Anthology of Zen XV:31 Anthology of Zen XV:31 Antholz, Peyson XI:47 Antioch Notes XXIV:5 Review Frontiers XXVI:18 William Barrett's foreword to quoted in Frontiers of same title Also quoted "How Altruism is Cultivated in Zen" and essay by Stewart W. Holman also quoted. XX:47 XXI:49 VI:48 His All Shook Up briefly reviewed in Children VII:25 Anthon, Carl VIII:16 VII:36 His American Scholar article, "The Birth of the Free University," quoted in Review, "Scanning Some Periodicals" Anthon's Classical Dictionary VII:10 Quoted on Orpheus in Lead, "Background for Education" Anthony, Joseph X:37 His The Invisible Curtain reviewed in Review, "A Fortunate Few" Anthropology, Society for Applied IX:46 Its quarterly, Human Organization, quoted in Frontiers, "The Puzzle of Islamic Culture" Anti-1984 XIV:24 Editorial Anti-Clerical Clerics, The XIX:19 Frontiers Anti-Human Powers That Be XVI:4 Lead Anti-Nation – Fred Knelman (Mosaic Press, Box 1032, Oakville, Ont. L6JE59, Canada XXXVI:21 Reviewed, quoted in "Two Transitions" Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers – Henry David Thoreau (Harvest House, Montreal, Canada, 1963, paperback) XXIV:42 Essay on Thomas Carlyle quoted from in Review, "The Singing Seals" XIX:19 Thoreau quoted in Review, "More Canadian Paperbacks" XX:30 His comment on J. A. Etzler's proposal quoted in Editorial, "A Poet's Answer" XXII:10 Quote from Thoreau's essay on Carlyle in Review, "Three Review-Essays" Anti-War Poems XIX:3 Frontiers Antigone -- Sophocles XXVIII:48 Discussed and quoted in Review, "The Words of the Greeks" Antioch College XXVIII:7 Discussed in Children, "Instead of 'Transmitting'" Antioch College Bulletin (Feb. 1928) XXVIII:20 Quoted in Children, "A College Fifty Years Ago" Antioch's General Catalogue (1927-28) XXVIII:20 Quoted in Children, "A College Fifty Years Ago" VII:39 VII:47 IX:7 XIV:3 XVI:27 XXI:25 Antisthenes I:36 Antler, Joyce XLI:42 Antler, Steven XXVII:18 Antoniadi, E. M. I:26 Arthur Morgan quoted from April 15, 1936 in Lead, "The Human Imperative" Prof. Albert B. Stewart quoted Feb. 1973 issue in Children, "Science at Antioch" Prof. Albert Stewart quoted, Oct. issue in Frontiers, "The Scientific Activity" Edward E. Booher quoted, Oct. issue in Review, "All the Young Men. . ." Discussion in Frontiers, "Seeds of 'Counter Revolution'," of symposium on "Liberty, Civil and Academic" D. W. Gotshalk article discussed in Frontiers, "Dilemma of Liberals" Review, "The Specter of Predictable Man," re Andrew Hacker article from—also mentions Geo. J. Becker article on Edward Bellamy Antioch Review Anthology, edited by Paul Bixler, discussed in Children Review, "An Issue of 'Antioch Review'" Article "Education in U.S.A. and U.K.," quoted in Children Article on John Dewey quoted and discussed in Children, "Issues in Educational Philosophy" Thomas C. Greening quoted from Spring 1963 issue in Frontiers, "The Present Paradox of Ethics" Ralph Ellison quoted, Summer 1945 issue, in Review, "The Real Reconstruction" "If a boy is destined to live with the gods, teach him philosophy; if with men, rhetoric," in Plato article Her Lucy Sprague Mitchell: The Making of a Modern Woman in Teachers College Record, Summer 1988, reviewed by William Ayers quoted in Children, "Sharing and Caring" His review of Models of Doom quoted from Mar. 23 Nation in Frontiers, "Nations and Communities" Quote from showing that ancients knew of heliocentric system before Copernicus Anvil Writers (Anvil and Student Partisan) XI:30 Review of quarterly Anxiety About the Schools" XXXVIII:46 Frontiers Anxiety and Consciousness – Jeffrey O'Connell XXXIII:42 Quoted from Toward in Review, "The Disconcerting Art" Anxiety and Faith – Charles R. Stinnette X:8 Psychiatry review of quoted in Review, "Psychology and Social Perspective" Anxious Audience, The XVIII:42 Review 32 Anxious Object, The – Art Today and Its Audience – Harold Rosenberg XVIII:42 Discussed and quoted in Review, "The Anxious Audience" Anxious Quest, The III:43 Lead Any Reviewer Can Try VI:37 Review of You Shall Know Them –Vercors Anything Is Possible I:46 Review – supernaturalism in literature Anything Like a Spirit in Man" XXXVII:17 Review (Something Hidden) Apache Agent – John P. Clum (biography) IV:13 Ref. to in Lead, "Colonialism at Home" Ape and Essence – Aldous Huxley II:16 Reference to in Letter from England III:2 Reference to in Letter from England Ape of Gods: The Art and Thought of Lafcadio Hearn, An XXXII:12 Book by Beongcheon Yu reviewed in Review, "Lafcadio Hearn ... - [detail] - [similar]
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